Thorough Dental Exam in Utah

It is very important that you and your family get regular dental examinations. When we examine your teeth, we can identify any problems such as tooth decay—and the faster we address these kinds of problems, the better…for both your dental health and your bank balance. If we catch decay in the early stages, the treatment will be much more straightforward. For example, we may be able to do a much smaller filling. You should be getting regular dental examinations every six months. If you and your family are not doing this, you are significantly more at risk for dental problems.

Digital dental X-rays

Our office is equipped with powerful and patient friendly X-ray technology. In our practice, we use digital dental X-rays, as digital sensors are much more responsive than film. This means we can get the results we need without exposing you to as much radiation. This technology allows us to see inside a tooth and also beneath the gums. This way, we can accurately diagnose a whole range of common dental problems with incredible accuracy. For example, we can tell if you have cavities, gum disease, and some types of infections. We can also use X-rays to check wisdom teeth and see if you need to have them removed. Here at Platinum Dental, our staff members are highly trained and educated when it comes to using digital X-rays. This means we can give you a highly conclusive dental exam, which is sure to find any problems you may be having with your teeth.

Regular exams

Scheduling regular dental exams at Platinum Dental is absolutely essential if you want to avoid having any costly and serious dental problems. It is generally recommended that you have a dental exam done once every six months. Not only will we be able to diagnose any problems you may be having with your teeth, such as tooth decay or impacted wisdom teeth, but we can also make observations about your dental care habits. An examination here at our dental clinic can reveal that you are not brushing your teeth enough in a certain area. We can point this out to you and ensure you modify your brushing technique accordingly. This may help you avoid cavities and tooth decay.

Child-friendly exams

If you have children, it can sometimes be a problem getting them to the local dentist. Your kids may have anxiety about going to the dentist and, sometimes, they can be uncooperative when it comes to dental exams. Here at Platinum Dental, we appreciate the difficulties you face as parents, which is why we have done all that we can to make our practice a comfortable and welcoming place for your children. We aim to help your young ones develop good dental habits that will serve them well throughout the rest of their lives.

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