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Dr. Stephen Calendine grew up in Ohio and graduated from Ohio State University with his DDS degree in dentistry in 1987. He completed his residency at Langley Air Force Base, and remained a dentist in the Air Force for five years. In 1993 he began his own practice in North Carolina and was a part of the Sports Medicine team at Duke University for several years, until he decided to move to Colorado Springs. He joined Dr Calvin at Associates in Dental Care in 2000.

Dr. Calendine enjoys golf, playing tennis and spending time with his wife Kara and their four children.

Congratulations to Lehman Drive Dental, Dr. Stephen Calendine for winning the 2015 Patients’ Choice Awards in Colorado Springs Dentist.

Dr. Calendine treats each patient like family and wants them to feel welcomed, respected, listened to and taken care of. You can schedule an appointment with him at our Lehman location.

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