Dr. Gibson is a native of Southern Utah. Born in Santa Clara, he spent most of his growing up years playing sports and enjoying the Red Rocks of that area. He plays and loves to watch most sports, but he chose to focus on American football and soccer by the time he was 15. Playing football and soccer helped him develop the discipline and mental focus necessary to do well in dental school. After finishing his undergraduate degree at the University of Utah he went on to get his Doctorate in Dental Surgery at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.

Life After Dental School 

Dr. Gibson still loves to play and watch most sports with his favorite sports, of course, still being American football and soccer. Any of his patients interesting in playing a game of catch or 3 on 3 soccer should let him know and he is always up for joining in a city league team. Dr. Gibson is married with 3 children and loves to spend time with his family, preferably playing sports together.

A Dentist in Mapleton

If you are looking for excellent dental care in Mapleton, Dr. Gibson is one of the best dentists in the entire state. As a recent dental school grad, Dr. Gibson has incredible finesse and knowledge when it comes to the latest dental procedures. Our Mapleton office has the finest available equipment with the most up-to-date technology in the industry, including digital 3D x-rays and laser dentistry. Dr. Gibson places a large focus on patient satisfaction through communication, comfort, and modern technology.

How to Contact Dr. Gibson

Dr. Gibson’s office is located near Maple Ridge Elementary and Maple Mountain Pharmacy.

774 S 1600 W #103

Mapleton, UT 84664

Dr. Gibson and his staff are now accepting new patients so give his office a call at 801-386-8823. We accept all insurance plans including Medicaid and Chip!

You can email his office directly at mapleton@platinumdentalservices.com

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