• New Year, New You: Financing a Gorgeous Smile on a Budget

    At Platinum Dental, we do not believe the idea of creating a new smile this year is a cliche–in fact, it could be the most important decision you make this year! Perfecting your pearly whites will boost your confidence, improve your health, and make you smile more! In 2018, we are rolling out a number of great offers for anyone looking to improve or maintain the health and appearance of their smile. Here is a preview of some of the deals you can take advantage of now!

    Free Teeth Whitening or Free Exam and X-rays with a Cleaning

    If you want to improve the appearance of you smile today, take advantage of our free whitening or free exam and x-rays with a dental cleaning! Once you schedule your bi-annual cleaning in one of our convenient Platinum Dental Care locations , you can elect to receive free custom bleach trays with bleach or a free exam and x-rays with you appointment. This deal will not last forever so call and schedule your appointment today!

    You might ask–which of these freebies is the better deal? That depends on your smile and preferences. Custom bleach trays fit your teeth perfectly and are not cheap, neither is the professional strength teeth whitening bleach we provide with your trays. However, if you believe that your teeth are not permanently stained but really just need a good cleaning then your exam and x-rays may be the best deal. The question comes down to which type of stains you may have on your teeth.

    There are two types of discoloration that you may experience, causing your teeth to be less than bright-white. The strongest type of stains are called “intrinsic stains” and cannot be resolved with typical whitening solutions. These stains reside within the structure of the teeth, which is why even a powerful dosage of hydrogen peroxide cannot break them out. It’s extremely difficult if not impossible to change the color of a tooth’s core. Don’t worry that you may have intrinsic stains–they are not common because they are often caused by powerful medications not often prescribed. If you believe that a medication you have been taking may have caused your teeth to be stained from the inside out, you may want to consult with your dentist. He or she will be able to tell almost at first glance which type of stains you are dealing with, and your medical history will provide clues as to which if any of the medications you have been taking could have caused intrinsic stains. If your child is taking a strong medication daily, you may also want to consult your dentist to see if they may be altering the chemical makeup of their developing adult teeth by doing so.

    Another common source of of intrinsic staining can be caused by ingesting too much supplemental fluoride. Bright white stains on the teeth are tell-tale signs of this occurrence, known as fluorosis. Many children who drink fluoridated water and take a fluoride supplement have white fluorosis stains.

    Whether your intrinsic stains are caused by a fluoride overdose or a strong medication, the only real way to reverse the appearance of these stains is by capping your teeth with veneers. Veneers are porcelain covers for natural teeth that will improve the appearance of your teeth instantaneously, and will never need bleaching or whitening treatments to maintain their bright white appearance. Talk to your dentist today about veneers as a possible solution to the deep-seeded stains on your teeth.

    Most people do not have intrinsic stains–in fact, extrinsic stains are much more common and much more easily reversed. If you have extrinsic stains, you may recognize them by mild discoloration or a yellow hue. The most likely cause of extrinsic stains is diet. Tobacco use, drinking coffee, tea, wine or other deeply pigmented food or drink are likely culprits for yellow or discolored teeth. Foods like pomegranates and dark sodas like Coke and Pepsi are also common sources of discoloration. Not only are these foods strong in color but many of them are also acidic, which means they break down your enamel when you consume them, making their staining power more effective.

    Genetics and age can also play a role in the discoloration of your teeth. In other words, some people are simply predisposed to have yellow teeth. Our enamel wears away over time, making it harder for your teeth to stay white as you grow older. Enamel protects your teeth and naturally has a whiter appearance than the dentin within the hard shell of your enamel.

    Groupon Deals

    If you are looking for a deal on your cleaning appointment, check out our Groupon deal! This deal will end soon, so take advantage while you can. This deal provides you with 92% off dental services, see Groupon for details!

    Why is our Groupon such a great deal? We honor it at all of our locations from Logan North to Mapleton and it includes your cleaning, x-rays, and exam for $39. Pretty sweet–just purchase the Groupon deal and then call one of our offices to schedule your appointment.

    Membership Deal

    For our patients without insurance or those who pay cash for their dental work, we provide many financing options. Our most exciting and most recent deal is our Platinum Dental Membership deal! Patients who sign up for the Platinum Dental membership receive 2 free cleanings every year, free fluoride, free exams, a free emergency visit, and 20% off all treatment. Membership simply requires paying the $300 yearly fee for adults or $150 for children. Enrolling in our membership is the best deal on dental work you can get in Utah. Call one of our offices to enroll your family today!

    ​​Teeth Whitening at a Dentist Near Me

    Finding a Platinum Dental Care office near you is as easy as typing in “dentist near me” into you maps. Our dentists care about your health and individual circumstances. To schedule your consultation you can call us at 1-801-806-4704. We’re ready to help you finance your oral health goals today.

  • No Insurance? 5 Ways to Save with Affordable Dental Plans

    Everybody wants a healthy, beautiful smile without enduring a lot of pain or expense. While taking care of your teeth affordably is totally possible, keeping your teeth free of tartar, plaque build-up, cavities, gingivitis, and other more serious oral health concerns is almost impossible on your own. Unfortunately, avoiding professional help (especially in a dental emergency) will only make dental problems worse, more painful, and more expensive to fix. At Platinum Dental Care Dental, we want to change the way patients search for an affordable dentist. Rather than using a “dentist near me” search, patients can reference several Platinum Dental Care Dental locations within their area which includes dental financing at every location. The dental professionals at Platinum Dental Care want to help you focus on what’s most important–you and your health! Don’t let financing your health distract you from taking proper care of yourself.

    Sometimes people put off taking care of their teeth simply because they don’t understand their financing options. Even patients with dental insurance are sometimes surprised to find out what procedures are covered. Searching for the cheapest dental care may not be the best quality and can lead to more expensive problems later on. Learn how to best maintain and care for your smile by educating yourself on the different financing options and best quality of care available. Affordable dental plans at a respected dental clinic can help make your dream smile entirely possible. Knowing what dentists near you are capable of providing will be your first step to lifelong affordable dental care.

    1. Preventative Care !

    Visiting your dentist every 6 months for an exam and cleaning is vital–if you don’t have dental insurance, maintaining your 6 month cleanings is still the most affordable way to care for your teeth. This is because reducing the cost of dental care comes down to preventing expensive issues in the first place. Paying out of pocket for professional teeth cleanings and oral exams will pay off over time, and is definitely worth the small sacrifice. In fact, most offices offer a cash discount if you ask them when paying out of pocket. Your dental cleanings will keep your teeth free of tartar build up, preventing cavities and gum disease. Your cleaning and exam will prevent larger issues like advanced periodontitis and root canal therapy, problems which carry a much higher price tag than the initial oral exam that could have prevented them.

    Consider the investment you put into your smile as just that–an investment. Not only will your “investment” pay off by saving you money in the long run, but there are unquantifiable benefits like increased confidence and overall systemic health. Most people plan their routine visits by checking our Platinum Dental Care locations page to find a dentist in your area. Make sure you find an affordable dentist that can still offer you quality care. Maximize the benefit of your appointments by preparing questions to ask your dentist. You will prevent major dental problems and save thousands of dollars over a lifetime. Again, not all dental insurance plans will cover the full amount of every procedure done, especially for issues that could have been prevented with routine cleanings. In fact, for patients with advanced periodontitis or abscessed teeth that need root canal therapy, dental insurance may only cover up to a portion of the full cost. Keeping teeth healthy will help prevent such issues, helping you avoid the pain, cost, and time required to treat such issues.

    ​2. Discounts and Offers

    Many patients are often surprised by the Platinum Dental Care money saving offers, available on Groupon! These types of promotions or offers are run from office to office, and can vary depending on your location. Follow your office’s Facebook or Instagram for information on your dentist’s current promotions. Recently, many Platinum Dental Care offices offered promotions on teeth whitening or an Invisalign treatment. Whatever the reason for your next dental visit, be sure to inquire about promotions. Understand that quality dental care doesn’t always have to come at a premium. If your local dental offices have the option for reduced cost for routine professional teeth cleanings and oral exams, you can also take advantage of preventative care that should be performed on a regular basis.

    ​3. Use Flexible Spending Dollars

    Some employers offer a flexible spending account (FSA) to help assist with the cost of medical and dental care. You can use these pre-tax dollars to fund preventative or emergency dental care that can happen at a moment’s notice. Some patients will use their flexible spending accounts strategically, helping to pay for preventative dental care such as routine teeth cleanings or oral exams. Others may find them useful when they have a sudden tooth extraction or root canal to take care of.

    Flexible Spending Accounts are not all structured alike and yours may have plan-specific stipulations for dental care, so check with your provider beforehand. Generally, cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening or porcelain veneers are not covered by FSA’s. However, one of the greatest benefits of FSA’s is that they allow you to plan and budget your dental care in advance. For single adults and families alike, FSA’s can greatly reduce the cost of dental care.

    ​4. Dental Payment Plans

    Platinum Dental Care offers flexible payment plans especially designed for families paying out-of-pocket. Even if you have dental insurance you may find that certain procedures are only partially covered by your plan. Dental payment plans can help you pay the remaining balance after a big procedure. Many of our patients use our Care Credit payment plan which helps them plan for expensive procedures with minimal stress.

    Talk to your office’s manager to learn more about payment plans for your dental care. Ask about possible extended term options for patients that qualify, helping to eliminate any stress associated with paying for your dental care. Both your self-esteem and systemic health benefit when you take care of your teeth. Following the instructions of your dentist and receiving proper dental care will lay the groundwork for an exceptional smile your whole life long. Taking advantage of our dental plans to pay for your care in monthly installments will make your oral care much easier.

    ​5. Compare Using a “Dentist Near Me” Search

    Do your research when choosing a local dentist to ensure quality and affordable care. Our many Platinum Dental Care locations provide convenient care at an excellent price. Read our thousands of Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews to compare offices and get a fair opinion. Call our office or check your bill to see what’s included in the price of a routine teeth cleaning and oral exam . Before you schedule an appointment for a exam or cleaning, go over any questions or concerns you have about what’s being offered and how much it will cost you over the phone or in person.

    If you do have dental insurance, you can check our insurance tab to see what insurance plans we accept. We accept almost any plan, but if our office is out-of-network give us a call to see if we can work with your provider. You can call your Platinum Dental Care office at 801.806.4704 as we do accept most dental insurance plans. We also have a wide range of services from general services, cosmetic dentistry, and even specialists so that you can handle most of your dental needs in one office, making your visit less complicated :).

    Taking care of your smile does not have to be expensive. At Platinum Dental Care, our mission and responsibility is to offer affordable, quality care. As dental professionals, we want to give our patients the best oral care without the premium. This is why we offer dental plans, try to work with your dental insurance, and have a team of people equipped to handle your financial needs. Whether you are looking for preventative care or more intensive procedures, our staff will make your experience as comfortable and easy as possible. You can make an appointment with us online or calling at 801.806.4704 for hours that work with your schedule.

  • Why Do I Need 6 Month Cleanings?

    Cleanings and check-ups every 6 months are very important to your oral health. The reason you search for a “dentist near me” every 6 months may be a mystery to you, but your smile desperately needs what a good cleaning provides. No matter how well your brush and floss, everyone needs a dental cleaning by a dentist in Utah twice a year, every year.

    A Dental Exam Helps Prevent Cavities

    When you have a cleaning every 6 months, your teeth don’t have a large enough window to form gaping cavities. Your hygienist may find a couple of small “soft spots”, but when you get a dental exam every 6 months you will be able to avoid cavities (and the pain and expense that they cause) more easily.

    Fluoride Given At Dental Exams Strengthens Your Teeth

    At Platinum Dental Care, we provide all of our patients with a Fluoride rinse after every cleaning. This treatment helps your teeth stay cavity free for the next 6 months following your cleaning. Your hygienist will give you instructions about when you can eat after a fluoride treatment.

    If you are searching for a “dentist near me”, consider a dental practice that offers quality care that you and your family can look forward to visiting. At Platinum Dental Care Utah, we ensure your next dental checkup is comfortable and professional. Our expert staff and unparalleled technology can remove plaque you may have missed or cannot reach, and ensure you are cavity-free for the next 6 months.

    Schedule a checkup or cleaning appointment by phone at 801.806.4645 before existing plaque hardens and becomes impossible to remove on your own. Dr. Bender, our great family dentist in Mapleton Utah, is a “dentist near me” that provides quality care at a great price, convenient to you. Call his office directly at 1-801-396-2944 .

  • Why Olympic Athletes Often have Bad Teeth

    “They have bodies of Adonis and a garbage mouth,” said Olympic Dental Director for the International Olympic Committee, Paul Piccininni.

    No one knows exactly why, but olympic athletes are infamous for having bad teeth (and it sometimes affects their performance). Abscesses, broken teeth, decay, gingivitis, and other dental problems plague the athletes at a rate higher than does the average American. Here are a few reasons, however, that a dentist in the olympic village sees more patients with more serious problems in two weeks than the average dentist sees in a month.(Just to give an idea, in the London games of 2012, the 30 dentists there saw 1,900 patients in 2 weeks).

    Suggested Reading: How do I know if I have a cavity?

    1.) Treatment at the Olympics is free. Olympic athletes know that if they have a tooth that is bothering them but can just hold out until the games, their treatment will come at no cost to them. For athletes without the financial resources to pay for their own care, it makes bearing through the pain necessary. Unfortunately, dental problems only get worse with time, which is one reason why athletes come to the games with such bad teeth.

    2.) Olympic Athletes are often 16-24 . For the general population, dental problems peak between the ages of 16 and 24. This is because it’s the ages when people are leaving home, forming their own schedules and routines, and regular dental hygiene routines like brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist get overlooked. Olympic athletes, in addition to having these normal changes, have abnormally demanding training schedules and traveling which worsens the “I haven’t brushed in days,” problem that often plagues that age group.

    Suggested Reading: How Often Should I Floss?

    3.) Olympic Athletes are under high pressure . When they are under pressure to perform, many athletes grit or grind their teeth (during practice and at night). The enamel of the teeth is extremely hard, but it’s no match for the enamel on the opposing teeth. Broken and cracked teeth also appear in athletes participating in high impact sports like field hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, basketball, and other sports. Mouth guards help curb the problem, but when only 350 athletes of the thousands who participated in London took one, it’s easy to see why so many athletes broke teeth that year.

    4.) Athletes drink a lot of sugary drinks. For energy and recovery, athletes are constantly taking in carbs. Many athletes eat 6,000 calories a day, eating small meals before, during, and after training. Most people brush after every meal, but when you eat 5 meals a day… most athletes aren’t concerned enough to tote along their toothbrush for that.

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    At the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, there are 8 dental chairs, X-ray machines, surgical facilities, and full-time dentists on standby (including endodontists for emergency root canals.) Hopefully none of the athletes are negatively affected by their teeth, but if they are, it wouldn’t be the first time!

    Dr. Chavez, a great dentist in Provo , is a huge fan of the Olympics. He loves talking to his patients about the U.S. Olympic medal count, surprising wins, and his favorite event, gymnastics. Call his office today at 801-426-6255 to schedule an appointment for you and your family. Although he has no gold medal, Dr. Chavez is the best dentist in Provo (if not the best dentist in Utah.)

  • Dealing with Surface Stains

    What causes surface stains on your teeth? Highly pigmented compounds found in darker foods and beverages called chromogens. How do you know if a food you are about to eat will stain your teeth? A good rule to go by is if it will stain your carpet, or change your tongue colors, it will stain your teeth.

    Suggested Reading: 3 Ways Drinking Water Saves Your Teeth

    How can you avoid the damaging effects of heavily pigmented foods?

    1.) Try to drink dark or acidic beverages through a straw

    2.) Swallow food and drinks fast instead of allowing it to sit in your mouth

    3.) Rinse with water after you’re through with your meals

    4.) Floss daily

    5.) See your dentist regularly for your cleaning and checkups.

    There are quite a few options to whiten the surface stains away.

    1. In office whitening is where you go into the dental office and they whiten your teeth often using some kind of LED light while you’re sitting in the chair. This procedure usually takes an hour and it’s the fastest and most dramatic results for most people.

    2. Then you can get take home strips or trays from your dentist. You will generally get molds made of your teeth and then some gel to take home with you to use. These give most people good results but it’s over a gradual amount of time based on the amount of staining, and how sensitive your teeth are.

    3. You can also buy whitening strips from the drugstore. These aren’t as strong as the kind you can get from your dentist so they don’t work for everyone, but they’re a very convenient and affordable option.

    4. The least effective way is to just rely on whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes. These are only in contact with your teeth for a few minutes maximum as opposed to strips or trays which stay on your teeth for 30 minutes to a couple hours.

    Suggested Reading: Teeth Whitening at Home

    Keeping your teeth white is a lifelong battle without getting crowns or veneers. Even after you get your natural teeth to your brightest satisfaction, you will still have to do maintenance whitening to keep them that way.

    Dr. Hepworth, a great dentist in Lehi , is passionate about maintaining and creating brilliant smiles. If you find that your smile is a little lack-luster, call his office today to schedule your next appointment at 801-331-8545. For the best dentist in Lehi , Dr. Hepworth and his staff will not dissappoint.

  • What do my Health Insurance Benefits Include?

    A lot of people who have dental insurance don’t know much about their coverage. They just go to their dental appointments expecting their office to know what is covered and just tell them their portion. Most offices are happy to offer this service to their patients for convenience. There may be some situations where you might want to know a few dental terms. Perhaps you’re shopping around for insurance, this list will help you with what you need to look for to best suit your needs.

    Yearly maximum: This is pretty self explanatory. This is the maximum amount your insurance will pay toward your dental work for your dental year.

    Most insurance companies run off a calendar year January-December but some will run on a contracted year. If it’s a contracted year they will specify which month it starts and ends in. ie: July-June or April-March.

    Deductible : There will usually be an individual deductible of $25-75 and a family deductible of $75-225. Your insurance will start paying for dental work after you’ve covered the deductible amount after the first part of your insurance year.

    Family deductible: Typically, the deductible applies to up to 3 people in the family. Once it’s been met for the year for those 3, you do not have a deductible for any remaining members on the plan. Verify this with your insurance carrier.

    Waiting period: If you are getting insurance because you were just seen at the dentist and have a major treatment plan and you want a little help with paying, you’ll want to ask about a waiting period. Some insurance will have a 6 month waiting period on basic procedures and/or a 12 month waiting period for major procedures. This means they will not pay anything on that treatment for 6-12 months from your effective date, and until then, you are only covered for preventative treatment.

    Missing tooth clause: A few insurance companies have a missing tooth clause in place. This typically means if you have a tooth that was missing before you accrued the insurance plan, they will not pay for any treatment to replace it. This will generally include partials, bridges, or implants.

    Coinsurance: Coinsurance is when you have an insurance plan that will pay a percentage of a procedure, leaving you with the remaining percentage and a portion. A common rate is 80% coverage on fillings, which leaves you, the patient, with a 20% portion.

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    If something comes up that you have questions or concerns about, your dental office or insurance customer service line should be able and willing to assist in answering them for you. Our dental office answers calls 24/7 if you have questions about the insurances we accept. Please call 801. 806. 4645

    Dr. Chavez, a dentist in Provo , and his staff answer lots of patient questions about insurance. It can be confusing! But taking care of your teeth and taking advantage of your benefits is a win-win. To schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Provo , call 801-426-6255

  • 10 Cheap Summer Activities for Families in Utah

    Platinum Dental Care serves a lot of families, which is why we glean a lot of information on what’s fun to do around Utah (especially on a budget). Here are some of the best ideas we have gotten from patients and staff alike while visiting a dentist in Utah:

    • Floating paper boats down the Provo River. Our dentist in Provo , Dr. Chavez , has his office located right on the Provo River Trail. The river is fairly slow moving, but families should be cautious nontheless when planning an outing here. However, the parks and scenery along the trail are stunning. And, with the walking bridges provided, you and your family can fold up paper boats and float them down the river without getting too close to the water’s edge if you don’t want to.
    • Goblin Valley State Park. There’s a lot of fun state and national parks in Utah but Goblin Valley is one of the lesser-known and is perfect for a saturday day trip. Kids love the funny shaped rocks and parents love the unusal views– and inexpensive and memorable activity for the whole family.
    • Volunteer together . There are so many places to volunteer as a family, and one of the best ways to involve your children is by taking them to food pantries or senior assisted living centers where children aren’t just welcome–they brighten up the scenery! Dr. Scherschligt, can recommend a lot of assisted living homes near his office if you and your family are interested. Additionally, we always love help from our patients in spreading the word on our annual Free Dental Day for those with special needs and their families.
    • Go Fishing. Adults require a fishing lisence, but if you don’t have one, kids can fish for free. Utah lake is one of our favorite fishing destinations, but with bodies of water large and small throughout Utah, you can find one nearest your home.
    • Free Concerts. Visit http://www.coupons4utah.com/free-concerts-in-salt-lake-city-areas/ for a list of free concerts throughout Utah. Monday nights are often a great time to find a free concert for a family night.
    • Stroll through a College Campus. With University of Utah, Utah Valley University, Brigham Young University, Dixie State, Utah State, and other college campuses throughout Utah, take your family through the grounds and facilities for a fun outing that costs you nothing! Libraries are especially fun for kids as the childrens’ section rarely gets used on college campuses.
    • Fly Kites. Especially near the Point of the Mountain, we have lots of windy days in Utah. Perfect for kite flying! Dr. Dickerson, a dentist in Sandy , recommends the fields near his office for excellent kite flying.
    • Historic Temple Square . Temple square is a great place to make family memories inexpensively as there are statues, scenic landscape, and free tours throughout. Dr. Durrant, a dentist in Sugarhouse , recommends the Lion House as a fun lunch spot for a day trip to Temple Square.
    • Watch Planes Land and Take Of at the Salt Lake Airport. You may not want to get to close to protect your ears, but a great way to spend the afternoon is to watch planes land and take off in the fields near the SLC airport.
    • Go Geocaching. With smartphones, it is easier than ever to go geocaching with your family. Pick a prize you are going to track down (and bring something small to replace it) and go. This is a great way to get excercise and explore Utah.

  • Free Dental Day 2016

    Platinum Dental Care gave back to the community last week doing what they do best—providing free dentistry. As important as oral hygiene is to systemic health, regular dental exams often fall to the bottom of a family’s priorities. For this reason, five area dentists with their hygienists, assistants, and office staff dedicated an entire day to providing fillings, extractions, root canals, exams, and cleanings free of charge. In its second year, Free Dental Day 2016 was focused primarily on serving those with special needs and their families. The outcome? An overwhelming response from the community and nearly 60 dental procedures performed.

    To make this event the success that it was, Platinum Dental Care paired with the Utah Parent Center ( www.utahparentcenter.org ) to get the word out. When one mother scheduled her family’s appointments, she said, “I have a special needs son. He was blessed to have dental insurance, but I do not… being a fixed income family, it just isn’t an option right now.” Recognizing the great need, Platinum Dental Care would like to continue Free Dental Day for the families of those with special needs an annual event. A total of $27,588 in dental services were donated, and countless hours of work donated by the staff involved. Henry Stein donated the supplies used to serve these patients. Participating Platinum Dental offices this year were located throughout Utah, and patients came from all over to receive care.

    Platinum Dental Care is now planning for next year’s event, hoping to reach more families and perform more services at all Platinum locations. If you have questions or special requests with regards to Free Dental Day, or just need more information about scheduling an appointment, please call (801) 293-1234.

  • Pediatric Dentists

    At Platinum Dental Center, we hope to provide the best possible care to you and your family. In fact, we believe in the importance of a child’s first experience at the dentist, and we want to ensure that it is both positive and repeatable. We promise to do our part, but here are a few ideas to help prepare your child before they sit in the chair. Putting these practices in place at a young age will set the course for minimal dental issues and strong oral hygiene routines for life.

    Consistency at home

    Kids should brush their teeth twice a day and flossing once a day (preferably before bed). Remember that until your child can tie their shoes on their own, they do not have the dexterity to brush their teeth effectively on their own. Not only that, but once your kids can handle the toothbrush, they may not be doing the best job at scouring those sugar-bugs. So, until kids reach age 11 or 12, you should be supervising these routines and offering advice to help them improve their technique as needed.

    Limit Sugary Drinks and Sticky Snacks

    Water needs to be a readily available beverage option at home and on the go with kids. Keep a full pitcher of water in the fridge and water bottles in the car. Providing healthy snack options including fruit, vegetables, cheese, whole wheat crackers, and rice cakes will also help combat the decaying effects of sugar and plaque. Soda should only be an occasional treat, simply because the sugar and acid content can really take a toll on developing teeth (and creatures of habit). If they do drink soda, encourage your children to drink with straws and rinse their mouths out with water after consumption. Help your children understand different food and drink options, so that they know which options are good for their teeth and why.

    Regular Dental Checkups

    Within the first six months of cutting their first tooth or around a first birthday, your child can benefit from a visit to the dentist. Establishing a solid relationship with your dentist will help your children feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair. Schedule regular six month checkups in order to detect problems early including cavities and the need for orthodontics, avoid tooth aches, and to set your children up for a life of strong oral health.

  • Free Dental Care On Valentine’s day

    Be our Valentine! Platinum Dental care is sharing the love of dentistry February 12th. We are so happy to be able to provide oral health care to those will special needs and their families during such a loving time.

    What do you need to do?

    1. Contact one of the following locations to schedule your appointment. Patients can choose a cleaning, extraction OR a filling.



    West Jordan



    2. Fill out New Patient Paperwork (Note: Our doctors will need to review your medical history as soon as possible to be sure we can accommodate you or your loved one.)

    **Platinum Dental and it’s staff members have the right to refuse treatment to any patient if they feel that they could be jeopardizing the patients health and/or if they cannot preform effective treatment on any patient.**