• Can Artificial Sweeteners Hurt My Teeth?

    As many varieties of artificial sweeteners have entered the market over the past 60 years, few people if any questioned whether or not these man-made “sugars” had any negative health effects at their initial launch.

    Nowadays, several studies have linked artificial sweeteners with insulin resistance, metabolism slow-down, and even cancer. While the negative side effects of artificial sweeteners are a topic of heated debate, the effects of artificial sweeteners on teeth is well understood. Here are three popular “sugar-free” products and what we know about their effect on your oral health.

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  • How to Beat the Back-to-School Dentist Rush

    For some of us school is coming up, for others school has been out for a while. However, whether you’re in school or not, there’s one thing we know for sure: the back-to-school rush is hard to avoid.

    From stores holding major school supply sales and parents rushing to get their kids necessary appointments in before the school year starts, it can be a hectic time to get your routine dental checkup done! Here are a few tips from us on the best ways to beat the back-to-school dentist rush!

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