5 Ways to Save Money on Dental Care

According to the American Dental Association the number one reason American adults do not visit the dentist regularly is the cost of semiannual checkups.

Don’t let cost be the reason you neglect your oral health. The most affordable way to care for your teeth is by visiting the dentist more often, not less. Here are five ways to make your visits to the dentist more affordable.

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1. Take Preventive Visits Seriously

Some people wait until something hurts to call the dentist. Unfortunately, tooth decay and gum disease can cause little to no discomfort until irreversible damage has already been caused. Unlike other injuries such as broken bones, your teeth cannot heal themselves. Cavities, gum loss, and enamel loss are all permanent. Once your teeth are damaged, you may be faced with more extensive treatments.

Even if a small cavity forms between six-month cleanings, the filling will be small and inexpensive. If a cavity is left to grow until it causes pain, you will likely be paying for a root canal, crown, dental implant, or even an extraction. Two cleanings a year costs much less than more extensive treatments, and they prevent future problems, saving you money in the long run.

2. Understand Your Insurance Benefits

Find a dental office that accepts your insurance, and understand which treatments are covered by your provider, partially covered, or not at all. Most providers only cover preventative care, which is why cleanings every six months really are the most affordable way to take care of your teeth.

Dental insurance is not like auto or health insurance. Think of dental insurance as “prepaid dental care.” Usually, patients only receive the value of care that they or their employers pay into the plan. This means that if you will be paying for your own dental insurance, it makes more sense to pay for your care out-of-pocket rather than paying an insurance provider to cover the cost.

Many dentists offer discounts for paying everything upfront, and others offer plans to make dental care even more affordable, even without insurance.

3. Join a Membership Plan

For those who don’t have dental insurance Platinum Dental Care offices provide an awesome membership plan that covers:

  • 2 cleanings per year
  • Unlimited professional whitenings
  • 1 emergency visit
  • X-rays
  • 2 exams

You can learn more about our program and how to take advantage of this awesome deal for individuals and families by calling the location closest to you!

4. Choose a Dentist With Great Financing

Even if you have insurance, most dental insurance providers only cover preventative care. Find a dentist that offers payment plans with little or no interest and flexible payment plans so that you can receive the care you need without having to seek expensive out-of-office financing.

There are other services available to make sure you don’t have to pay for dental care in one big payment, such as CareCredit, a type of credit card you can use only for dental expenses.

5. Learn About All Your Options

Talk openly and honestly with your dentist about your financial goals and situation so that together you can choose the best possible solution to your dental care. In the world of dentistry there are many ways to care for a single problem, and each solution has pros and cons and your dentist will be able to help you strategize how you can “have it all” considering all the options available to you.
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Why Is Great Dental Care So Important?

Not only can dental negligence affect the health of your mouth and pocketbook, but tooth decay and gum disease can also lead to other health problems. These can include heart disease, heart infection, premature birth and low birth weight, and poor blood sugar control. Here’s how these serious health complications can be impacted by the status of your teeth:

Heart Disease and Infection

Periodontal or gum disease leads to inflammation and bacterial infection in the mouth. Recent studies have shown that people are two to three times at risk for heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular issue if they have gum disease.

The uncontrolled bacteria buildup associated with gum disease will enter the bloodstream and can also lead to heart infection when the bacteria enters the heart.

Premature Birth

Pregnant women with gum disease have shown a higher occurrence of low birth weight and premature birth weight. The connection between gum disease and these issues is so widely recognized in the medical world that most obstetricians and gynecologists require their pregnant patients to receive at least one dental cleaning during their pregnancy.

Poor Blood Sugar Control

Many prediabetic or diabetic patients report their periodontal disease as a complicating factor when it comes to managing blood sugar. The increased flow of blood to the mouth can make the process of checking and managing blood sugar and insulin unnecessarily complicated.

Take the Right Next Steps

If it’s been a while since you’ve last been to the dentist, it’s never too late to start going. At Platinum Dental Care we accept all dental insurance plans and offer a membership plan. We have many convenient locations throughout Utah, so choose the one nearest to you!

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