10 Tips to Avoid Weight-Gain During the Holidays

At Platinum Dental Care, we believe that everyone should indulge in at least one of their favorite Christmas treats during the holiday season. Treats like Eggnog, Paneton, Chocolate Truffles, and other goodies have a nostalgic quality that makes resistance futile–you simply cannot celebrate Christmas without consuming these memory-filled treats! The wise consumption of holiday treats can have a positive impact on your oral and overall health which is why we say that indulging intentionally and taking a controlled approach to consuming holiday goodies can help you avoid cavities while at the same time avoiding holiday weight gain.

With that aim in mind, we have created 10 steps for our patients to help them stay healthy and avoid excessive weight gain and cavities over the Winter months. The good news is that for as easy as putting on weight during November, December, and January can be, it can be just as easy to enjoy the festivities and food of the holiday season without increasing the number you see when you step on the scale.

Here are 10 easy-to-remember tips for avoiding weight-gain this Winter:

1.) Get Plenty of Sleep: We eat for energy and we sleep for energy–when you don’t get enough sleep your body may try to compensate mistakenly with extra calories. Getting adequate sleep every night all Winter long will keep your body out of “Fight or Flight” mode which will keep you from eating or snacking constantly just to feel like you have enough energy to face the day.

2.) Control Your Stress-Level: Many people eat as a distraction from or way to cope with stress. If you find yourself more stressed during the holidays, be aware of this and do something about it! Float in a float spa, try Yoga, get some exercise, get a massage… get creative about managing your stress to avoid stress-eating.

3.) Eat Fiber-Rich Foods: Starting the day with a serving of flax meal sprinkled in a smoothie or over cereal can really help curb your appetite throughout the rest of the day.

4.) Don’t Taste Test: Lots of people will be around you as you bake goodies and cook meals throughout the holidays–use their pallets in place of your own. Little tastes here and there as you bake or cook spike your insulin and make if harder to control your appetite and your holiday weight gain.

5.) Weigh Yourself Every Day: This may sound crazy, but weighing yourself every day can help you control how much weight you gain throughout the holidays–if you weigh in high after a party you will feel motivated all day to eat healthy and work off the excess calories, and if you weigh in less than or at your normal weight you will feel comfortable indulging in a holiday truffle or two!

6.) Never Go Back for Seconds: Holiday parties often offer buffets–make it your personal rule to choose your food options mindfully and to skip the second round completely. Be satisfied with trying what you try!

7.) Bring a Healthy Dish to Share: If you are invited to a holiday potluck and you know you won’t have control over the options available to you, bring something healthy to share! Your friends will thank you 🙂

8.) Avoid Sitting: If you find yourself watching a lot of Christmas movies, going to more movie theaters, reading books by the fire, or spending hours at your desk writing Christmas cards, be aware that sitting more during the Winter is a big contributor to holiday weight gain. How to combat this? Fold and put away laundry while you watch nostalgic Christmas movies, listen to books on audio while you exercise, or do jumping jacks between each Christmas Card–get creative and be aware of how much you sit so you can do everything to minimize time spent on your tush!

9.) Say No to Snacks! Especially on days when you know you are going to be eating large or rich meals do everything you can not to snack. Spiking your insulin by snacking every couple of hours will only make it harder to control your appetite and holiday weight gain.

10.) Balance Your Carbs with Protein: While a ketosis-based weight loss plan can be hard to maintain during the holidays, it can be easy to negate the harmful effects of carbs by pairing your carbs with protein. Always eat turkey with a dinner roll or cheese with a cracker–do what you can to avoid eating carbs alone to avoid the insulin spikes and drops that make most people overeat.

At Platinum Dental Care, we are concerned with your overall health. People who eat healthy foods, get regular exercise, and take care of their teeth through regular brushing and flossing live longer, happier lives! We want that for all our patients, and while weight gain during the holidays is a sign of a holiday well-spent, these tips are for the few of us that would rather avoid weight gain than have to lose weight come Spring.

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