What Services do we Offer at Platinum Dental Care?

At Platinum Dental Care, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of care and customer service for our patients. In fact, we want earn the trust of each patient through personalized care adapted to their individual needs. For this reason, we provide advanced technology to address even the toughest of dental concerns. Whether you need a simple cleaning or filling or advanced prosthetic dental work, we will take care of you! Here is a comprehensive list of the services we offer to our patients:

1.) Pediatric Care

We have a pediatric dentists that cares for all patients 0-18 years old. Your child may barely have enough teeth to touch one another or they may be preparing to leave home and need one last exam. Whatever stage of life your child or children are in, we will take care of them. Our pediatric office is Dr. Johnson’s Pediatric dental office in Riverton.

If you would like to have all of your children seen in one location, all of our general dental offices offer pediatric services.

2.) General Dentistry

Cleanings, x-rays, and exams are our bread and butter at Platinum Dental Care. We provide the latest technology in order to provide the best and most comprehensive dental care to all of our patients.

With our 3D imaging technology, our doctors at Platinum Dental Care can detect and diagnose in the most efficient and accurate way on earth.

3.) Invisalign

For patients looking to perfect their smiles more quickly and subtly than braces, we offer Invisalign! The way Invisalign works is through the use of clear retainers that alter the position of your teeth over time. We love Invisalign and if you are interested in having a straight smile without braces, talk to one of our doctors!

4.) Root Canals

Our team of oral health professionals includes several endodontists, root canal specialists. This is because we believe in the highest quality of care. Platinum Dental endodontists guarantee their work 100%.

5.) Dental Implants

If you have a tooth that needs to be extracted or replace, the longest lasting and most natural solution is a dental implant. dental implants are formed from a metal post that bonds with the bone under the gums and a ceramic cap that replaces the natural tooth seemlessly in form and function.

6.) Gum Disease

Patients with gum disease can rest assured that they will be treated with the highest possible quality of treatment. Dr. Scott Ferguson , our periodontist, offers deep cleanings and perio aesthetic procedures.

7.) Sleep Apnea

One of the tell-tale signs for people with sleep apnea is waking up tired after a normal or long night’s sleep and needing constant naps to get through the day. Fortunately, our dentists are well-versed in the most recent treatment options for patients suffering from sleep apnea. If you are concerned that sleep apnea may be affecting your sleep, schedule a consultation with any of our Platinum Dental Care dentists.

8.) Dentures

If you are in need of a partial or full set of dentures, talk to our team today! We do every type of dentures for a fair price.

9.) Wisdom Teeth Removal

Our team of dental professionals can remove wisdom teeth in any situation in the mouth, and can remove them painlessly and quickly.

10.) Cosmetics

Whether your teeth are discolored, short, long, poorly situated, or cracked, we have a fix for you! Talk to any of our doctors about what the best treatment is for your individual case and budget.

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