• West Jordan Emergency Dentist Has Affordable Fixes for Chipped Tooth

    As any “dentist near me” will tell you, your teeth are best designed for eating. If you use your teeth as a pair of scissors, a bottle opener, a knife, or any other tool, you run the risk of harming your teeth. Natural teeth can be fixed by your dentist as soon as you can make an appointment, but if you have a filling or bonding that’s broken off, you will need the immediate care of an emergency dentist. Whether you’re traveling or at home, use a dentist near me search to find the nearest Platinum Dental office. Our after hours team will have you in and out of the office ASAP, leaving your teeth fixed and stronger than ever. If you’ve found yourself with a chipped tooth and cannot come into the office immediately, our West Jordan emergency dentist explains how you can fix this dental emergency.

    What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

    Toothaches, sensitive teeth, chipped teeth, and other common dental problems cause many patients to wonder–what is considered a “dental emergency”? Because your time is valuable and comfort important, you should know what merits an immediate visit to the dentist and what can wait. Prioritizing your pain will allow you to distinguish what is an emergency. If you are unsure of what type of pain you are experiencing, play it safe by calling your “dentist near me” immediately.

    If you feel you are at risk for the loss of a tooth, cannot stop bleeding in your mouth, or experience severe pain, without doubt you are in a dental emergency. Please contact an emergency dentist immediately to seek treatment if you detect any of these symptoms. Acting quickly will help save your teeth and could help your dentist detect any other more serious oral health issues more quickly. In fact, if you have an abscess in your mouth the infection could spread throughout the rest of the body if not caught quickly.

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    Chipped Tooth?

    Chipping a tooth is common but sometimes scary. Some patients chip their teeth without even knowing how it happened. Here are common ways to chip a tooth:

    Injury from impact

    The most common incident leading to a chipped tooth is bodily injury. Contact sports, auto accidents, or falling are common injuries that result in chipped teeth. If you chip, fracture, or lose a tooth because of a physical accident, visit your dentist immediately. Your dentist will assess whether you have caused nerve damage and what the most effective and affordable fix will be. Your dentist will be able to alleviate the pain and together you and your dentist will decide how to best address the situation.

    Biting on something too hard

    Even though your teeth are meant for eating, some foods are too hard for your teeth. Jawbreakers , hard cookies like ginger snaps, pistachio shells, ice, and many other rock-hard foods are common tooth-chippers. Be cautious when consuming these foods or avoid them altogether.

    Cavities that weakened the tooth

    Cavities are small holes in your teeth, formed when plaque is left to eat through your enamel. If you have a cavity, you may not feel the pain but the structural integrity of your teeth will be compromised. Cavities weaken your teeth and when left untreated can lead to chipped teeth.

    An old filling

    Dental fillings can last for years, but often require one or two replacements in a lifetime. If you have waited too long to replace your filling, your tooth may be at risk for a chip or fracture. See your dentist immediately if you detect that your filling has chipped to prevent bacteria from entering a cracked filling.

    Cracked vs. Broken Tooth

    As serious as a cracked tooth is, you may not even feel the fracture when it first occurs. If you feel sensitivity to temperature or sweetness, you may have an exposed nerve associated with your fracture. The only fix for a cracked tooth will be provided by a dental professional–it cannot heal itself. Lingering or serious pain is a good indicator that you need to visit an emergency dentist ASAP.

    A broken tooth, as opposed to a cracked tooth, should be seen by an emergency dentist immediately. Your dentist can assess the source of the problem and provide you with a filling, bonding, or suggest a tooth implant (depending on the damage). Broken teeth often impact nerve endings and are therefore more painful, usually. If you are traveling in the Salt Lake County area, perform a dentist near me search to find the closest Platinum Dental location.

    If you have a chipped tooth and are waiting to see your dentist you can:

    Save any pieces of the tooth

    Stop any bleeding by applying clean gauze and pressure

    Rinse your mouth out with warm water

    Reduce swelling with an ice pack

    Fixing a Chipped Tooth

    The type of break that occurred with your chipped tooth will determine the best remedy. If you’ve chipped off a small part of your tooth enamel, your dentist may be able to fix it with a filling, similar to how he or she would fix a cavity. This will be an especially fitting remedy if decay played a supporting role in the chipping of your tooth.

    If the tooth you chipped appears more prominently in your mouth, your dentist may suggest bonding as the best option. Tooth-colored resin will be applied to with adhesive material to recreate with life-like realness to fix your tooth. As with acrylic nails, your dentist will shape your tooth exactly as it once was.

    A severe break caused by tooth decay may cause your dentist to suggest a bridge or crown to bring the tooth back together. When a large piece of your smile is missing, a bridge or crown will be your best option. A crown or bridge will protect your teeth from bacteria or decay. Most crowns are made of metal, porcelain , or resin.

    Dental Emergencies and Your Insurance

    Dental emergencies usually occur when you least expect them, and no one likely saves for a “dental emergency” fund. If you have a chipped or broken tooth, see your dentist before your health is compromised and the damage intensifies–whatever the physical or financial damage, waiting will only make it worse. Many insurance cover dental emergencies like chipped teeth. At Platinum Dental, our Salt Lake County offices accept most dental insurance plans, taking the stress of a dental emergency down a notch. For patients with no insurance, we provide several financing options and payment plans to take care of whatever dental emergency you’re facing.

    Other Urgent Dental Services

    If you’re experiencing a dental emergency besides a broken or chipped tooth, you should be seen by your dentist immediately. You can call your Platinum Dental office to schedule an appointment. Some other urgent dental services we offer include:


    Persistent toothaches call for an immediate visit to the dentist. Many factors can play into a toothache, a professional assessment from your dentist can help you get toothache relief much quicker, and potentially save you from larger dental issues later on.

    Lost filling or crown

    A lost filling or crown can be extremely painful, which is why our staff is equipped to help you if you lose a crown or filling immediately. Not only is an emergency visit important to stop the pain but also to reduct potential damage caused when bacteria enters the site of a crown or filling. Exposed nerve endings are usually the reason broken fillings and crowns are so painful, and need to be replaced immediately.

    Broken braces

    Breaking your braces or wires, snapping off a bracket, or splitting a retainer are common problems if you wear braces. Contact sports and hard/crunchy foods are often to blame, and if your wires or brackets poke you in the gums or cheek you may experience intense pain as a result. Call your dentist immediately to prevent further pain or damage.


    Call your dentist immediately if you have an abscessed or infected tooth. Some extreme cases may require extraction. An infection in your tooth can infect your entire body and requires immediate medical attention. Understanding gum disease and the risk factors for an abscessed tooth will help you avoid this problem.

    Injury to the mouth

    Any injury to the mouth should be seen by your dentist soon after the physical accident occurs. An oral exam with your dentist will ensure that your nerves, gum and bone tissue are intact.

    If you are experiencing discomfort, pain, or damage to your teeth but are not sure if it is an emergency, call a dental professional immediately. At Platinum Dental, we offer affordable dental emergency care. If you have a chipped tooth, or any other dental emergency you’ve been wanting to have examined you can make an appointment online or calling us at 1-801-806-4704. Whether you’re a local or just traveling through West Jordan, our offices are always on standby, so please call our office today!