Why Do I Need 6 Month Cleanings?

Cleanings and check-ups every 6 months are very important to your oral health. The reason you search for a “dentist near me” every 6 months may be a mystery to you, but your smile desperately needs what a good cleaning provides. No matter how well your brush and floss, everyone needs a dental cleaning by a dentist in Utah twice a year, every year.

A Dental Exam Helps Prevent Cavities

When you have a cleaning every 6 months, your teeth don’t have a large enough window to form gaping cavities. Your hygienist may find a couple of small “soft spots”, but when you get a dental exam every 6 months you will be able to avoid cavities (and the pain and expense that they cause) more easily.

Fluoride Given At Dental Exams Strengthens Your Teeth

At Platinum Dental Care, we provide all of our patients with a Fluoride rinse after every cleaning. This treatment helps your teeth stay cavity free for the next 6 months following your cleaning. Your hygienist will give you instructions about when you can eat after a fluoride treatment.

If you are searching for a “dentist near me”, consider a dental practice that offers quality care that you and your family can look forward to visiting. At Platinum Dental Care Utah, we ensure your next dental checkup is comfortable and professional. Our expert staff and unparalleled technology can remove plaque you may have missed or cannot reach, and ensure you are cavity-free for the next 6 months.

Schedule a checkup or cleaning appointment by phone at 801.806.4645 before existing plaque hardens and becomes impossible to remove on your own. Dr. Bender, our great family dentist in Mapleton Utah, is a “dentist near me” that provides quality care at a great price, convenient to you. Call his office directly at 1-801-396-2944 .

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