What is Water Flossing?

Many of our patients at Platinum Dental Care use traditional floss and flossers. However, many have been asking about motorized water flossers. Here are the basics on water flossing:

1.) Water flossers sit on a bathroom counter and are about the size of a small toaster.

2.) Every water flosser is made up of a water reservoir, motor pump, and a fine tipped spout attached to a hose.

3.) Water flossers use a motorized pump to send a stream of pressurized, pulsating water through a fine tip.

4.) Flossing effectively works as well as a water flosser, but is easier and often more comfortable to use.

5.) Water flossers are especially good for people with braces, crowns, and other dental appliances. Water flossers also help people with dexterity issues like arthritis.

If you are interested in purchasing a water flosser, talk to your dentist about how to best use it. Water flossers have revolutionized the world of dental hygiene by making flossing easier for a lot of people. Minimizing your risk of gum disease and cavities is the best outcome you could ask for from a dental instrument, and this one definitely delivers.

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