Keeping Dental Care Simple

Many of our patients and their families struggle to stay on top of their own dental care and even that of their children. Whatever the reason, we try to make dental care as simple as possible for our patients. Here three common misconceptions that complicate dental care (and how we can make it easier!)

1.) “Scheduling dental appointments is too much for me to handle right now.” Platinum Dental Care makes scheduling appointments easy because we send text and email reminders when its time for a bi-annual cleaning, we have multiple locations throughout Utah to accomodate your busy schedule, and we respect your time by ensuring our schedule is never over-booked. (This is a dental office–not an airline!)

2.) “I don’t have dental insurance, so I can’t go to the dentist right now.” Dental insurance is often called “Pre-Paid Dental Work” meaning that, unlike other insurances, there is no monetary benefit to paying for your dental work with insurance or without. Don’t wait until you have dental insurance to go to the dentist–if a problem in your mouth goes undetected it will only become more expensive to fix as time goes on.

3.) “I don’t know how to prepare my kids for the dentist right now, we will go later.” At Platinum Dental Care, we pride ourselves in creating a fear-free, pain-free, tear-free experience for your children. We do our best to put you and your family at ease with the best-of-industry techniques for minimizing pain and maximizing your comfort level.

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Dr. David Johnson is our pediatric dentist at Platinum Dental Care. His practice, Dr. Johnson Pediatric Dentistry in Riverton Utah , is designed to make dental visits fun for kids and relaxing for parents. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment for your children at Dr. Johnson Pediatric Dentistry at 801-253-8866.

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