Why an Implant Might Be the Best Choice for You

There’s a lot of buzz about dental implants these days, especially because tooth loss in the U.S. continues to plague millions of Americans despite various advancements in dental technology. If you are considering dental implants, an implant is not your only treatment option but it may be your best. Not long ago, a bridge or a denture were the only two options for treating tooth loss. While these are both still viable choices, here are 10 reasons why a dental implant might be your best treatment option:

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1.) Increased Confidence: Dental implants give you your smile back with a natural and beautiful appearance, often resulting in increased self-esteem.

2.) Improved Durability: Made with titanium, dental implants will never shift or decay–you will be able to count on your implants for a lifetime.

3.) Low-Maintenance: Implants stay in your mouth, so you don’t have to remove, clean, and use messy adhesives with them like a denture. Unlike natural teeth, they are impervious to decay.

4.) Zero Discomfort: Implants bond with the bone they are attached to, making them a permanent part of your smile. Unlike dentures that shift in your mouth, implants will never cause you that discomfort.

5.) Simpler Eating: You won’t even remember you have an implant when you eat with one–implants function like natural teeth.

6.) Better Speech: Those who opt for dentures over implants have to adjust their speech patterns in order to compensate for the sliding and shifting of dentures. You’ll never slur or mumble with an implant.

7.) Improved Oral Health: When you choose to use a denture or dental bridge, your natural teeth are slightly compromized to accomodate for these dental appliances. Dental implants actually improve your oral health, however, by leaving more teeth intact and allowing easier access to surrounding teeth.

8.) Easy Care: You take care of a dental implant the way you take care of your natural teeth–this makes maintenance for an implant the easiest of all your treatment options.

9.) Avoid Misaligned, Crooked Teeth Caused by a Lost Tooth: When you lose a tooth, your whole smile is affected. Your remaining teeth will shift and try to fill the open gap. Additionally, your jawbone will begin to deteriorate without stimulation from the roots of the lost tooth or from an implant, which also causes your cheeks to sink in.

10.) High Success Rate: Implants have a near 100% success rate–the titanium used to create dental implants bonds almost instantaneously with the bone, and once it heals, your dentist will be able to place the most natural looking crown to the abutment.

If you are considering a dental implant, talk over the pros and cons with your doctor. Your insurance may cover all or part of your dental implant. Consider all of your treatment options to decide whether a dental implant is your best choice.

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