Different Anesthesia Options

Our Doctors at Platinum Dental Care want your dental visit to be pain-free. For this reason, we offer 4 different anesthesia options. Depending on your case, pain tolerance, and history, our specialists will walk you through the best option for you. Before your appointment, however, you may want to familiarize yourself with the different types of anesthesia.

1.) Local Anesthesia : For targeted numbness, we apply local anesthesia when a case is small and a patient’s pain tolerance is fairly high. Local anesthesia will block pain in the area where applied and will not cause any loss of consiousness.

2.) Nitrous Oxide : Also known as “Laughing Gas”, Nitrous Oxide is a good option for patients who experience anxiety in a dental office and will calm nerves. Nitrous Oxide is usually used alongside other anesthesia to ensure a painless experience.

3.) Sedation Anesthesia : Sedation supresses consiousness during a procedure, meaning a patient does not lose consiousness completely. Administered through an IV, sedation anesthesia is often used for larger cases in which patients experience low anxiety and have a low pain tolerance.

4.) General Anesthesia: As the strongest of all anesthesia options, general anesthesia is also administered through an IV and causes complete loss of consiousness

Dr. Scherschligt, a dentist in Salt Lake City , uses his expertise in dentistry and anesthesia to put his patients at ease and explain different treatment options in a low-pressure situation. Call his office to discuss which treatment plan works best for you by calling (801) 484-1032

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