• Different Anesthesia Options

    Our Doctors at Platinum Dental Care want your dental visit to be pain-free. For this reason, we offer 4 different anesthesia options. Depending on your case, pain tolerance, and history, our specialists will walk you through the best option for you. Before your appointment, however, you may want to familiarize yourself with the different types of anesthesia.

    1.) Local Anesthesia : For targeted numbness, we apply local anesthesia when a case is small and a patient’s pain tolerance is fairly high. Local anesthesia will block pain in the area where applied and will not cause any loss of consiousness.

    2.) Nitrous Oxide : Also known as “Laughing Gas”, Nitrous Oxide is a good option for patients who experience anxiety in a dental office and will calm nerves. Nitrous Oxide is usually used alongside other anesthesia to ensure a painless experience.

    3.) Sedation Anesthesia : Sedation supresses consiousness during a procedure, meaning a patient does not lose consiousness completely. Administered through an IV, sedation anesthesia is often used for larger cases in which patients experience low anxiety and have a low pain tolerance.

    4.) General Anesthesia: As the strongest of all anesthesia options, general anesthesia is also administered through an IV and causes complete loss of consiousness

    Dr. Scherschligt, a dentist in Salt Lake City , uses his expertise in dentistry and anesthesia to put his patients at ease and explain different treatment options in a low-pressure situation. Call his office to discuss which treatment plan works best for you by calling (801) 484-1032

  • Does Charcoal Work as a Whitening Agent?

    Activated charcoal has made its appearances in beauty regimens and de-tox diets all over the world, but recently many people have experimented with activated charcoal as a whitening agent in toothpastes and mouth rinses. What do our dentists say about whitening with charcoal? Find out here.
    What the Claims Say
    People believe that activated charcoal can be a powerful whitening agent because of the microscopic nooks that supposedly absorb the stains that cause a less-than-luminous smile, releasing them in your next bowel movement and brightening your smile almost instantaneously.
    What You Can Expect
    The first problem with relying on a charcoal whitening paste is that the microscopic pores in activated charcoal can only remove surface stains–for a truly whiter smile you need a flouride-based whitening regimen. You may see results from using a charcoal whitening paste but they will be limited to removing simple discoloration from the foods you ate today.
    Abrasive Charcoal… a Good Idea?
    The second problem with brushing your teeth with charcoal is the abrasiveness of the charcoal. Because the hard shell that protects the soft core of your teeth, your enamel, is fairly brittle and easy to chip, scrape, or diminish, you might as well rub your teeth with sand paper. Not only can the abrasiveness of charcoal harm the strength of your enamel (increasing your chances of experiencing cavities and sensitivity) but relying on charcoal as a whitening agent and a toothpaste will cause you to avoid using flouridated whiteners and toothpaste. When you don’t get a steady dose of flouride through toothpaste, your teeth and the strength of your enamel will suffer.
    The Verdict
    Save your time and money by avoiding the charcoal whitening trend. Over the counter whitening toothpastes are 100% safe and reliable and work just as well. If you are looking for a stronger whitening agent, talk to your dentist about professional whitening solutions.
    Dr. Rehrer, a dentist in Mapleton, provides general, cosmetic , and restorative dental solutions to his patients in Utah County. If you are looking for a great family dentist near me, call Dr. Bender’s office at (801) 396-2944.

  • Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2017

    If you are a last minute shopper when it comes to Father’s day, it’s usually because coming up with an idea for a gift is harder than it seems! Dr. Rehrer, a dentist in Mapleton Utah, has you covered with these ideas any dad would love:

    Electric Toothbrush

    One of the best kept secrets is how much money you can save by using an electric toothbrush–Oral B, Sonicare, and other brands of electric toothbrushes (when used correctly) keep your mouth cleaner and freer from gum disease, cavities, and decay than manual toothbrushes typically can. Because nice electric toothbrushes can be a luxury, spoil your dad with this gift he will use and love every day.

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    Water Flosser

    Again, another luxury tool that can save you a lot of money in the long run is an electric water flosser. Your dad will love this because it will clean his mouth more effectively and he’ll use it every day. We love our electric water flossers at Platinum Dental Care, and you can stop by our offices to get recommendations and coupons.

    Professional Whitening Kit

    At Platinum Dental Care, we can hook you up with a professional whitening kit, a voucher for a Zoom whitening appointment, or reccommend our favorite brands of over the counter whitening products. Whitening your teeth is the fastest and easiest way to look younger and more attractive (not that your dad needs it, right?)

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    Platinum Dental Care in Mapleton Utah provides the best dental care for families in Utah County. Dr. Bender and his staff will take care to make you feel comfortable, help you understand your options, and create a pleasant experience out of every visit you make to the dentist.