Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

The subject of dental x-rays and their necessity during dental exams can be controversial. Because dental x-rays can reveal the state of a tooth from the inside out most accurately, many doctors agree that the benefits far outweigh the risks. However, based on the body of research that confirms the existence of possibly deadly risks, many people would rather avoid x-rays altogether.

If x-rays could be performed in a dental exam or check up without radiation, there would be no problem. The amount of radiation used for dental x-rays is small, but exposure still poses a slight risk. Several studies have shown that the amount of radiation from dental xrays is equal to or very close to the amount of radiation you get from the sun naturally in one day. Even with this miniscule amount used, most dental offices still use a lead vest or apron as an extra precaution to protect vital organs.

No studies exist to prove any negative effects of low-dose radiation, or the typre used in dentistry. Radiation negatively affects people after years of repeated exposure, and dental x-rays are simply never performed with the frequency necessary to cause serious problems. In the U.S., strict laws have been established to keep the population as safe as possible.

At Platinum Dental Care, the frequency that doctors prescribe xrays will vary between each patient. However, he decision will always be yours. Consult your dentist if you have any concerns or would like to postpone an x-ray until the next 6 month appointment.

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