• Keep Your Teeth Cleaner Starting Today

    If you are looking for ways to keep your teeth cleaner and avoid cavities, here are some common problems we see thwarting our patients’ ability to avoid tooth decay:

    1.) Don’t leave sugar (or carbs) sitting on the teeth for long periods of time . Some people have great brushing habits when it comes to consistency, brushing both day and night. However, if you drink a chocolate milk at 11:00 AM or eat a bag of pretzels as an afternoon snack or just leave lunch on your teeth, after 30 minutes the simple carbs in that food will start working on your teeth. Even if you can’t brush mid-day or keep sugars off the surface of your teeth, try to rinse your mouth clean with flouridated water or chew sugarless gum.

    2.) Floss AROUND your teeth . If you think putting floss through the gaps in your teeth and just moving the thread up and down in the gaps is enough, you are missing parts of your teeth! Do your best to go around the tooth as much as possible. Imagine the way you wrap a towel around your body to dry it off. Use the same technique to wrap the floss around your tooth and clean as much of the surface of the tooth as you can.

    3.) Use a Fluoride rinse. Mouthwashes usually employ alcohol as their active ingredient, but find a fluoride rinse to strengthen your enamel and improve your ability to fight cavities. Like fluoridated water, a fluoride rinse will make your teeth strong and help you avoid developing cavities better than a mouthwash like listerine that just kills germs in the mouth but doesn’t actually strengthen your teeth.

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