• Looking for “a Dentist Near Me”?

    For a lot of people, choosing a dentist comes down to convenience, making what could become a lifelong relationship a matter of, “Which ‘dentist near me’ can fit my family in their schedule the soonest?” While convenience is important, don’t you think a little more deliberation should go into choosing your family’s oral health provider? Luckily for you, Platinum Dental Care has 11 different locations throughout Utah, conveniently located for easy patient access. However, how do you know Platinum Dental Care is the right choice for your family?

    1.) Platinum Dental Care’s Team of Specialists Makes Your Life Easier: Normally, a patient will see a general dentists for cleanings, exams, and the occasional filling. However, that general dentist will outsource the more complicated work to specialists by referral.That means that if you need to see an endodonist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, prosthodontist, pediatric dentist, or any other specialty, you will have to move your records over and begin an entirely new relationship (meaning more paperwork and hassle for you) with a new dentist. At Platinum Dental Care, all of our specialists work as one family of dentists to meet your needs, eliminating the need to work through multiple offices to meet your oral hygiene needs.

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    2.) Platinum Dental Care will always be a “Dentist Near Me”: Moving? Visiting relatives? Looking for continuity? With locations throughout Utah, you can rest assured that wherever you are throughout Utah, there is a Platinum Dental team nearby to serve you. No matter where you are or what changes life brings, you can rest assured knowing your teeth will never be neglected–our doctors will see you no matter where you find yourself!

    3.) Platinum Dental Care will Accept Your Insurance : Maybe we should make it a bet that our office will accept your insurance’s dental plan, but we are fairly confident that whatever plan you are covered under, we will probably accept it. Talk to our billing specialists if you have questions by calling the Platinum Dental Care nearest you.

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    We could go on and on, but, ultimately, the point is that if you are looking for “a dentist near me” because you want a team of dentists that can meet your needs on your terms at your convenience, you need look no further. Platinum Dental Care and our team of staff located in 11 different offices throughout Utah is the “dentist near me” with all the amenities to make your semi-annual visit to the dentist as painless as possible.

  • Our Favorite Healthy Foods for 2017

    Many of our patients and staff at Platinum Dental Care have made the resolution to eat healthier in 2017. If you are looking for ways to improve your oral and systemic health this year, here are 5 foods we recommend:

    1.) Dark, leafy greens : Kale, Spinach, and collards are rich in vitamins essential for the maintenance of your teeth, gums and body.

    2.) Potatoes : Although potatoes are often labeled as “just another starch” with rice or bread, but potatoes are actually rich in vitamins, folate, and fiber.

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    3.) Squash : Now is an excellent time of year to find spaghetti squash, acorn squash, or butternut squash at reasonable prices because they are all in season. Low in calories, these winter squashes are rich in potassium, folate, and vitamins like A, C, K, and B6.

    4.) Citrus fruits : Oranges are in season and just one orange satisfies your entire daily Vitamin C dose. Additionally, your heart can benefit from the flavanoids found in citrus fruits.

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    5.) Cabbage : Rich in fiber, low in calories, and high in nutrients, cabbage is a great food to include in your diet if you are looking to improve health and lose weight.

    At Platinum Dental Care , we support our patients and staff in their efforts to improve health this year. Please share your ideas for healthy eating in the comments section below.

    Dr. Scherschligt , a family dentist in Salt Lake City , can attest to the nutritional value of these 5 foods. When you make wise choices for your health, your entire body benefits (including your teeth and mouth!).

  • 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

    January is almost halfway over, but the new year has just begun! If you haven’t committed to a New Year’s resolution, here are 5 ideas for you to make this the best year yet!

    Learn Something New Everyday in 2017:
    This year, commit to learning something new everyday in order to have a better understanding of the world and how it works. There are many different ways you can go about doing this:

    • Subscribe to Wikipedia’s Featured Article Mailing List and receive an email each morning with the day’s featured article
    • Watch a CrashCourse video on YouTube. CrashCourse is an educational YouTube channel that covers an array of subjects in 15 minute videos
    • Watch a Ted Talk every morning while eating breakfast. Ted Talks are educational and cover interesting topics to help you learn something new.

    Pick Up a Hobby:
    Having a hobby is not only fun, but has real health benefits. Hobbies can help lower your stress levels, boost brain power, and improve your ability to focus. So this year, start that hobby you’ve always wanted to learn!

    Eat Less:
    There are many benefits to lowering your daily caloric intake. The most obvious is weight loss. Excess weight puts you at greater risk for health problems. To accomplish this, eat smaller portions and make sure to fill your meals with protein so you are less hungry.

    Move More:
    Living a sedentary life is bad for your health – it can cause a tendency to be overweight and put you at a higher risk for depression. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do. You can join a sports team, get a pedometer to track your steps, or just get up every 20 minutes and stretch.

    Stop Procrastinating:
    Studies show that beginning tasks without finishing them builds stress because it opens unending circuits in your brain. Reduce your stress and make this year your year to get things done! Ending that silly procrastination habit will help ensure you hit your goals. Don’t let this be next year’s resolution because you put it off until 2018!

    2017 can be the best year yet, starting this month and going throughout the year!

    Dr. Chavez , a dentist in Provo , is now accepting new patients! Call his office today to make 2017 your healthiest and best year yet, his phone number is (801) 426-6255

  • 4 Things to Know About Oral Care During Pregnancy

    Due to the hormonal changes and increased demands on the body a woman experiences during pregnancy, women often encounter more dental issues in 9 months of gestation than they may have in their whole life! Oral health concerns can be avoided, however, with extra care at home and professional help from a dentist.

    Here are common issues mothers may encounter during pregnancy and what can be done to avoid them:

    1. Gum disease: By brushing and flossing regularly, mothers can avoid problems with their gums that hormonal changes associated with pregnancy cause. Pregnancy Epulis, Gingivitis, and Periodontal disease occur frequently in women during pregnancy and can potentially cause problems with the birth of the baby. Talk to your dentist if you experience puffy, sore, or bleeding gums as these inflammatory bacteria can get into bloodstream through gums and travel to the uterine wall, potentially leading to contractions and possible premature birth.
    2. Enamel deterioration: Especially for women who experience morning sickness and vomiting, enamel erosion can be a serious concern during pregnancy. The acidity of vomit can erode the hard shell of teeth away, which unfortunately can not be replaced or regrown. How do you avoid this? After vomiting, wait an hour to brush your teeth. Although it seems counter-intuiitive, your toothbrush can add extra damage to enamel with the bristles and motion while acid sits on the teeth. Rinsing your mouth with water and allowing time for the acid to disappear will help preserve your teeth.
    3. Increased sugar intake, increased cavities: If you find yourself craving more sugary foods during pregnancy, do your best to rinse your mouth, brush and floss soon after eating these sweet foods. Icecream, cake, bread, candy, soda, and other high-in-sugar foods can cause major damage over the course of your preganancy if you are not in the habit of brushing soon enough after eating to prevent permanent damage.
    4. Increased plaque: The surge in estrogen and progesterone can exaggerate the effects of plaque on your gums. For these reasons, it’s important to keep your dental appointments! The optimal time frame for your check up is in your second trimester. Increased plaque build up can lead to a wide variety of oral and systemic health concerns.

    If you have any other questions or concerns about how to prevent decay or gum disease during or after pregnancy, please consult your dentist.

    Your oral health is important no matter what stage of life you may find yourself in. Pregnant women may have an increased risk for these oral health issues, but no one is completely safe without regular cleanings and proper home care when it comes to oral hygiene. If you are concerned about your teeth and/or are pregnant, please call any Platinum Dental Care location near you.

    Dr. Rhet Scherschligt is a great family dentist in Salt Lake City. His practice is conveniently located on Highland Drive next to Glaus French Pastry Shop and Big O Tires. Give his office a call at (801) 484-1032 to schedule your next appointment.