• Which Dentist Fits Your Case

    The ADA recognizes nine types of specialists in the dental field. Your regular dentist that you see for 6 month checkups, fillings, and crowns is usually a general dentist. If you have certain dental needs or conditions, however, you may find yourself at another office. These are the 6 most commonly seen specialists:

    Pediatric Dentists are just like general dentists as far as what they can do goes. They attend 2-3 years more of school and specialize in the treatment of children only. Dr. Chavez, a dentist in Provo, says his passion for starting good habits at an early age led him to choose this specialty.

    Endodontists specialize in procedures like root canal treatments. According to the American Association of Endodontists, the average endodontist completes about 25 root canals per week, while the average general dentist completes closer to 2.

    Orthodontists are there to treat misalignments of the teeth and jaw. It is important to have a good bite or straighter teeth to avoid speech problems, help with oral hygiene, and possible issues chewing. Platinum Dental Care can refer you to an American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) certified othodontic specialist has been a part of the Platinum Dental team since 2016.

    Periodontist are a type of dentist who specializes in all things related to periodontal disease and bone loss. They will usually see more severe cases of periodontal disease. They are also trained in placing dental implants.

    Prosthodontists specialize in replacing missing teeth, whether it be by bridge, implant, or denture. They are also trained in other cosmetic and functional procedures such as treatment of cleft palate in children and TMJ.

    Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons attend the most school of all the specialties. The list of their abilities is quite impressive. They can administer anesthesia, complete extractions, implant surgery, sleep apnea, treat facial injuries, corrective jaw surgery, TMJ surgery, and that’s just to name a few. At Platinum Dental Care, our oral surgery specialist Dr. Scott Ferguson , travels to the PDC location most convenient to you if your case requires th expertise of an oral surgeon.

    In addition to these 6 specialties are less common Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologists, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists, and Dental Public Health Specialists. We welcome your family to visit our family of dentists at any one of our 11 Utah locations.

    At Platinum Dental Care, we provide our patients with the highest quality care in general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, and orthodontia.

  • Foods to Avoid this Christmas Season

    Christmas time is associated with family, music, and (our favorite) food! From large family dinners to the plates of cookies your neighbors drop off, this time of year is filled with delicious goodies. As much as we love the flavors of the season, however, these treats can take a real toll on your teeth. Here are some rules of thumb for keeping your teeth healthy:

    1.) Avoid sticky foods : Toffees, candied nuts, baklava, and even some syrups can stick to your teeth for hours after eating the original treat. If you can’t avoid these sticky treats, be sure to brush and floss within an hour after eating these foods to avoid the long-term negative effects of them.

    2.) Avoid hard foods : Hard cookies and candies can break your teeth and damage your enamel. Not only can hard foods take a toll, but for some reason people start putting hard objects in their mouth around Christmas time (using their teeth to break into presents and other objects). To avoid this damage, use your teeth for soft FOODS only.

    3.) Avoid sugary drinks : Martinelli’s, wassail, sodas, eggnog, hot cocoa, and other sweet beverages common to the Christmas season can leave your teeth with stains and decay. Avoid these drinks altogether or be sure to brush or rinse your mouth with water as soon as possible.

    At Platinum Dental Care, we care about your health and the health of your teeth over this Christmas season. Take care to avoid these foods or clean your mouth well after consumption and you should be fine!

    Dr. Matthew Cheney , our newest Platinum Dental dentist, works in our Logan location. With years of experience and a wonderful staff, visit Platinum Dental Logan and Dr. Cheney by calling (435) 752-3689.