October is Here! Keep Kid’s Teeth Healthy All Month Long

Halloween is one thing, but it seems like the whole month of October involves candy and other sticky treats. At Platinum Dental Care, we love the excitement and fun associated with this beautiful season, but we do see a lot of cases where the surge of candy in October gets the best of some of our younger patients.

How can your child avoid the perils of Halloween candy? Luckily, we do not suggest that you remove candy from the equation altogether. However, we do suggest these 3 tips for keeping teeth healthy all month long:

1.) Avoid sticky candy and treats. Caramel apples, taffy, and sugary gums can stick to your child’s teeth long after they finished eating the treat. Our advice? Just avoid these treats all together–they are not worth it! If, however, your favorite treat just happens to be sticky caramels, be sure to brush thoroughly, floss, and do everything you can to get the sticky stuff OFF. If it sits on the surface of your teeth for any amount of time, you can almost guarantee some permanent damage.

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2.) Eat the soft stuff. Chocolates, peanut butter cups, pixie sticks, and other treats that, although sugary, do not stick to the teeth are preferrable than any other treats. Why? Because although they create an environment in your mouth where decay can form by nature of being candy, they do not stick around to perpetuate the damage. Have a few chocolates, brush or rinse your mouth out, and your teeth should be fine.

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3.) Keep a Toothbrush and Flouridated Water handy . We’ve said it before but keeping your mouth clean is the best defense against sugar. When sugar sits in your mouth, it creates acids that break down the enamel of your teeth and rot the soft core called dentin within. Damaged enamel has no return–you can not undo that kind of damage and it causes huge, expensive problems once it occurs. So, prevent this from happening by allowing sugar to sit on your teeth for NO MORE than 30 minutes by brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouth out.

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This October, keep your teeth free and clear of decay and enjoy the season by keeping these three rules.

At Platinum Dental Care, we love seeing our patients in their costumes. Please post pictures of your child’s costumes and tag us on Facebook to enter our costume contest for a prize.

Dr. Darin Dickerson, a great family dentist in Sandy , loves Halloween. Perhaps it’s the season with changing leaves and warm sweaters, but October is a great month to be in Utah. Additionally, if you have insurance benefits that you need to use up before the end of the year, now would be the time to schedule your next appointment at Platinum Dental Care in Sandy or in any of our convenient locations throughout Utah.

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