How to Know if You have a Great Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth is so important to preventing cavities and other dental issues, but if you are using the wrong toothbrush you may be causing more trouble for your mouth than necessary. Gum abrasion and recession are some of the biggest problems caused by bad toothbrushes, which are expensive to fix and irreversible in most cases. So, how do you know if your toothbrush is good enough?

1.) Your toothbrush bristles are soft: Hard or stiff bristles are good for some people, but most people do not need stiff bristles to get the job done, and can even experience harm to their gums if their bristles are not soft enough. Talk to your dentist if you believe that you need a stiffer brush, but otherwise stick to a soft bristled brush to avoid damaging your gums.

2.) Your brush is relatively new: A toothbrush is not meant to last forever! Over time, your bristles will bend and lose their ability to fight and break up plaque. Change your toothbrush every 3 months for best results. Learn why by reading the artilce “How Often Should I Change my Toothbrush?”

3.) Your toothbrush is clean and free of germs: Rinsing your toothbrush after every use helps, but if your brush is wet when you put it away, it becomes a breeding ground for germs. Rinsing and drying your toothbrush helps keep it clean, and routinely sanitizing it in the dishwasher or using these techniques will help your brush stay clean.

4.) It’s comfortable: Don’t use a toothbrush you can’t hold comfortably! Find a shape that helps you brush for the fll 2 minutes twice a day easily.

If you use an electric toothbrush, these rules still apply–change your toothbrush head every three months and keep it clean just as you would a manual toothbrush.

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