Best Workouts to do While Brushing Your Teeth

If you are passionate about multi-tasking, trying to get into shape, or just like being efficient, these are great workouts for you. Brushing for two minutes every day twice a day makes a good four minutes that you can use to strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility, and take one step closer to total body wellness. Here are three great workouts to make the most of your toothbrush time.

1.) Form letters of the alphabet with your foot: Standing on one foot while using your other foot and ankle to form the letters of the alphabet stretches your tendons and muscles and gives your calf a workout too.

2.) Up-downs on your tip-toes (Calf Raises): Just the act of going up and down on your tip-toes for 2 minutes can really work your lower legs–you may even be sore afterwards! We like this workout because it works both legs while you brush while it both stretches and tones your legs.

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3.) Squats/Lunges: To workout your upper legs, a great way to use your toothbrush time is by squatting or lunging for two minutes. Be sure that your knee does not bend too far forward over the front of your toe during your lunges to avoid injury!

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At Platinum Dental Care, we care about your systemic health–not just your teeth. This is because we know that your teeth and gums contribute in a big way to the health of your body. Working out while brushing your teeth is an awesome way to strengthen your systemic health in two ways.

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Dr. Scherschligt, a great dentist in Salt Lake City, works hard to keep his patients’ teeth in great condition so that they can focus on keeping their bodies in great condition. If you have a toothache or are just overdue for a cleaning and dental exam, please call 801- 484-1032 for a great family dentist near me.

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