3 Best Snacks (For You AND Your Teeth!)

Sometimes we eat unhealthy snacks not because we necessarily want to, but because it’s easier to grab a bag of chips sometimes than cut up a celery stalk and eat it. Not only that, but half the battle of making healthy eating choices is simply having them in mind and on hand. Here are 3 great snacks that are nutritious, good for your teeth, and really easy with some forethought.

1.) Cheese Sticks or Cheese Cubes: With no sugar and lots of protein, cheese in cubes or in a stringy stick make a great snack that won’t contribute to the “sugarbugs” that may have formed on your teeth during the day. Cheese also contains calcium which helps keep teeth and bones strong. At Platinum Dental Care, we give cheese an A+ for these reasons.

2.) Fruit and Veggie Kabobs: Although fruit does contain sugar, sometimes you need a little pick me up that’s not overly sweet, and the fiber from fruits and vegetables makes this a nutritious snack that will stick with you. Not to mention the vitamins and minerals in fruits and veggies are necessary for a healthy body.

3.) Veggie Chips: Thinly sliced jicama, cucumber, carrots, and celery make for a crunchy snack that carries important nutrients for you and your body. Additionally, the crunch of veggies and their low sugar content make them an excellent choice for your oral health.

Making healthy choices that will benefit your oral and systemic health is an investment in the future. Hopefully these suggestions make it easier to enjoy healthy eating and avoid cavities.

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