Keeping Teeth Healthy During the School Year

Once school starts, your kids get into a routine that often helps promote lifelong oral hygiene. They get into brushing their teeth every morning and night, and the sugary popsicles and sodas of summer are less common. However, many children begin forming cavities in the fall because of things they eat during the day that don’t get scrubbed off until night time. Here are some ways you, as a parent, can combat these sources of decay:

1.) Pack a waterbottle for your child. Maybe you can’t control the amount of candy their teacher might give them during the day, but you can send your child with a defense against the formation of plaque. Sticky treats and even crunchy ones like pretzels and dry cereals can get into the crevices of your child’s teeth and create the perfect environment for the formation of plaque and decay. However, drinking water throughout the day will flush out the acids and often times the sticky particles stuck in the teeth. Not to mention, most water is flouridated and flouride naturally fights the formation of cavities. So, pack a water bottle and make sure your child drinks it throughout the day.

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2.) Give them crunchy veggies to snack on. Packing the wrong kind of crunchy foods won’t help your child avoid cavities, but crunchy snacks like carrots, celery, apples, and jicama act as natural toothbrushes to clean the surfaces of your child’s teeth. Eating these kinds of snacks in the middle of the day really keeps a child’s teeth clean.

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3.) Make sure your child is brushing adequately. One Platinum Dental Care patient with children told us that she uses popular songs to get her kids to brush for the full 2 minutes. This is a great way to promote effective brushing. A lot of kids who develop cavities are brushing their teeth, but they are not doing it well enough or long enough to adequately clean their teeth. If your child doesn’t get the cereal out of their teeth before walking out the door or doesn’t clean off a day’s worth of buildup before going to bed, their risk for cavities becomes so high you might as well schedule the appointment for their fillings now.

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These are just a few ideas for promoting strong habits and avoiding the expense of tooth decay. If you have any questions about helping your child brush and floss, please schedule an appointment at any Platinum Dental Care facility in Utah. Our phone number is 801.806.4704.

Dr. Scherschligt, a dentist in Highland Park, may be the best family dentist in Utah. He loves seeing his patients with their families, especially this time of year when so much is going on! Youth sports are starting, which is Dr. Scherschligt’s favorite thing to ask his patients about. Nothing beats a peewee football or soccer game in the fall! To schedule an appointment with Highland’s best family dentist, just call (801) 484-1032.

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