How to Get Your Kids to Love the Olympic Games

The Summer Olympics only come once every 4 years, which is why it’s easy to justify watching a little more TV than usual to catch your favorite sports. However, for kids, the Olympics can be hard to understand and less than entertaining (especially when they’ve never seen the sport before.) This is why we have 3 simple steps towards making the Olympics fun and educational for kids, which will also make it easier for you to enjoy the next few weeks of games as a family.

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1.) Use the games to teach geography. Pull out a map and show your kids the countries where the competing teams originate. Maybe print out a map and let your kids color in the countries they have seen play.

2.) Plan your own Olympic-themed family games. Shotput a water ballloon, throw a javelin-shaped stick, race your bikes through the neighborhood, stage a long jump… hosting your own Olympic games at home will get your kids off the couch and make the games that much more interesting.

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3.) Teach your kids about sportsmanship. The Olympics represent a long tradition of excellence in both athleticism and respect for the opponent. Even when exceptions arise (just see Yulia Efimova’s doping case for a clear example from this year), both good sports and bad sports are excellent teaching opportunities for your children about what’s accceptable and what’s not when they are participating in sports themselves.

At Platinum Dental Care, we hope this year’s Olympic games in Rio are both entertaining and educational for you and your family. They are an excellent opportunity to celebrate unity as a human race and learn about people around the world. Take advantage of the amazing learning opportunity the Games are for your children and they will be Olympic fans for life. Who knows, maybe you will even spark some Olympic dreams!

Dr. Hepworth , the best dentist in Lehi, has kids of his own that are learning to love the Olympics. Luckily, his favorite sports are swimming and beach volleyball, which are easy to explain to little ones. If you and your children are enjoying the games and overdue for an appointment, get on the schedule today by calling 801-331-8545.

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