Delicious, Easy, Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Packing school lunches can get monotonous after the first couple weeks of school. Plus, easy foods to pack are not always good on teeth (especially when your child eats mid-day and probably won’t brush until after school or dinner). Here are some fun, easy ideas that won’t promote tooth decay during the day.

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Greek Lunch

  • Vegetable Side: Veggies like celery sticks, red pepper slices, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, and black olives are great to pack as part of this lunch because the crunch of the veggies acts as a natural toothbrush on the surface of the teeth.
  • Main Dish: Pita and Hummus make this a nutritional meal with the necessary protein and carbs to help your child make it through the day.
    • Add Feta cheese cubes or crumbles on the side for an added greek flavor and boost of the vitamins and protein found in dairy products.
  • Dessert : Grapes make for a delicious dessert to complete this delicious, low-in-sugar, high-in-nutrients lunch.

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Mexican Lunch

  • Vegetable Side: Jicama slices make this meal nutritious and good for your child’s teeth with their crunchy texture and low sugar content.
  • Main Dish: Quesadilla slices (add grilled chicken for added protein). We love this lunch because anytime you pair carbs and protein in a child’s lunch it helps the meal stick with them longer.
  • Dessert: Pinapple slices (fresh if possible to avoid the added sugar of canned pinapple syrup).

Italian Lunch

  • Vegetable Side: Pickles, sliced red pepper and/or cucumber slices make a great side to this lunch, depending on your child’s taste.
  • Main Dish: Slices of salami or pepperoni make a yummy protein which can be paired with crackers for a balanced meal.
  • Dessert: Crunchy apple slices are an easy and teeth-friendly treat to pair with this meditteranean lunch.

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One of the best ways to make preparing healthy school lunches easy is just having a plan! Hopefully these easy, nutritious ideas help you and your kids avoid tooth decay this school year and broaden their palets with yummy, international flavors.

Dr. Durrant is a dentist in Sugarhouse Utah . He loves this time of year–cooler temperatures bring changing colors and warm sweaters. Planning school lunches and picture day outfits is just another fun part of the fall. If you or your children need dental appointments in Sugarhouse Utah, give Dr. Durrant a call at 801-466-1212.

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