10 Benefits of Straight Teeth

At Platinum Dental Care, we love straight smiles. But the benefits of having a straight sm ile go beyond vain or aesthetic reasons, in fact, those who have straight teeth enjoy much more than they may even realize. Here are the top ten reasons it pays to have a straight smile:

1.) Clear Speech: Crooked teeth are often the culprit behind many speech impediments, which can sometimes impact school performance and a person’s confidence.

2.) Less Headaches : The uneven wear caused by crooked teeth will impact your jaw, and that uneven pressure on your jaw causes chronic pressure.

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3.) Fewer Injuries to your Soft Tissue: Crooked teeth push into soft tissues in the mouth in irregular patterns, causing more cuts, sores, and infections.

4.) Simpler Brushing: Food particles get trapped and hide more easily in the crevices created by unevenly spaced teeth, making brushing and flossing more difficult.

5.) Lower-Risk for Accidents: Not only are crooked teeth harder to fit to a mouthguard, but protruding teeth are more likely to crack or break.

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6.) Smaller Dental Care Bill: Straight teeth cause less problems, making your dental care for a straight smile more cost-effective.

7.) Better Eating : Crooked Teeth compromise your ability to chew, sometimes leading to digestive problems.

8.) Fewer Periodontal Problems: The oral hygiene difficulties caused by uneven smiles lead to gum problems, and gum disease can lead to the loss of teeth.

9.) Improved Overall Health: Decaying teeth negatively impact your risk for heart disease and increased blood sugar. Having a straight smile helps you avoid those problems with simpler oral hygiene.

10.) Confidence: Having a beautiful, straight smile leads to greater social ease and feelings of self-esteem.

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At Platinum Dental Care, we offer many solutions to our patients seeking to improve their smiles. Whether you are interested in Invisalign in Utah , dental implants , partial or full dentures, or whitening , we offer the best dental care in Utah.

Dr. Darin Dickerson, the best dentist in Sandy , loves to see the changes that happen in peoples’ lives when they improve their smile. Platinum Dental Care is the best dental office in Utah to improve your smile today. Call 801-590-3266 to schedule your next appointment (it could change your life!)

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