• Natural Toothpaste: Better than Regular?

    A lot of stores offer different brands of natural toothpaste, but is it better than the toothpaste you’ve always used? Ultimately, the basics of toothpaste are the same no matter what flavor or brand you choose to buy, but here are the key differences between “natural” toothpastes and everything else:

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    1.) Sweetners: Natural toothpastes are often sweetened with xylitol or stevia, while most other toothpastes use saccharin or other artificial sweetners. No toothpastes use sugar, however (that would kind of defeat the purpose…)

    2.) Fluoride: There’s a lot of anti-fluoride talk, and those who oppose its use believe it unnatural or unsafe. For this reason, many natural toothpastes contain no fluoride. All other toothpastes use fluoride as an active anti-cavity ingredient.

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    3.) Animal Testing: Most toothpastes are tested on animals but natural toothpastes are not, as a rule (although there may be exceptions.)

    4.) Dyes: Natural toothpastes are often white or off-white, containing no artificial coloring. Non-natural toothpastes contain bright blues, reds, greens, and other safe (but unnatural) colors.

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    Ultimately, natural toothpastes can do just as good a job of keeping your teeth clean as their “unnatural” counterparts.

    Dr. Snow, a dentist in Murray , tells his patients to buy the flavor of toothpaste they like the best, because ultimately your toothpaste plays a much smaller role in the quality of your brushing than does the way you use your toothbrush. If you would like to talk toothpastes or tooth pains or college football, give Dr. Snow’s office a call at 801-293-1234.

  • 10 Benefits of Straight Teeth

    At Platinum Dental Care, we love straight smiles. But the benefits of having a straight sm ile go beyond vain or aesthetic reasons, in fact, those who have straight teeth enjoy much more than they may even realize. Here are the top ten reasons it pays to have a straight smile:

    1.) Clear Speech: Crooked teeth are often the culprit behind many speech impediments, which can sometimes impact school performance and a person’s confidence.

    2.) Less Headaches : The uneven wear caused by crooked teeth will impact your jaw, and that uneven pressure on your jaw causes chronic pressure.

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    3.) Fewer Injuries to your Soft Tissue: Crooked teeth push into soft tissues in the mouth in irregular patterns, causing more cuts, sores, and infections.

    4.) Simpler Brushing: Food particles get trapped and hide more easily in the crevices created by unevenly spaced teeth, making brushing and flossing more difficult.

    5.) Lower-Risk for Accidents: Not only are crooked teeth harder to fit to a mouthguard, but protruding teeth are more likely to crack or break.

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    6.) Smaller Dental Care Bill: Straight teeth cause less problems, making your dental care for a straight smile more cost-effective.

    7.) Better Eating : Crooked Teeth compromise your ability to chew, sometimes leading to digestive problems.

    8.) Fewer Periodontal Problems: The oral hygiene difficulties caused by uneven smiles lead to gum problems, and gum disease can lead to the loss of teeth.

    9.) Improved Overall Health: Decaying teeth negatively impact your risk for heart disease and increased blood sugar. Having a straight smile helps you avoid those problems with simpler oral hygiene.

    10.) Confidence: Having a beautiful, straight smile leads to greater social ease and feelings of self-esteem.

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    At Platinum Dental Care, we offer many solutions to our patients seeking to improve their smiles. Whether you are interested in Invisalign in Utah , dental implants , partial or full dentures, or whitening , we offer the best dental care in Utah.

    Dr. Darin Dickerson, the best dentist in Sandy , loves to see the changes that happen in peoples’ lives when they improve their smile. Platinum Dental Care is the best dental office in Utah to improve your smile today. Call 801-590-3266 to schedule your next appointment (it could change your life!)

  • Get the Family Moving With These 3 Workouts

    Now that school is back in session here in Utah, kids may find it harder to get necessary regular excercise. Not only that, but Fall weather in Utah is amazing and should be enjoyed! For this reason, we suggest implementing a family excercise routine to help everyone get at least 30 min of activity every day, as recommended by the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition . Here are some ideas for getting excercise without a gym membership, without leaving the neighborhood, all while enjoying the great fall weather.

    1.) Have a Sports Night: Lawn bowling, ultimate frisbee, croquet, badminton, corn hole, and horeshoes are simple, inexpensive, fun games that can keep you and your family occupied for hours. We reccommend making this a weekly occurence to build your children’s skill and encourage friendly competition.

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    2.) Coin-Toss Walk in the Neighborhood: Take a penny with you and every time you reach a corner, flip the coin to decide where you will go. Flipping a head takes you to the right, flipping tails takes you left. Take turns flipping the coin. This is a fun way to get out and move and kids love the added surprise of “Where to next?”

    3.) Work in the Yard: Weeding, planting bulbs or herbs, raking, and mowing can be great exercise and a great way to get chores done while you exercise. Not to mention, planting a garden with your children can be an educational experience as they grow and harvest ingredients for their own meals.

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    Getting the family moving together is a great way to stay fit and enjoy quality time together. Submit your ideas for great ways to enjoy Utah’s beautiful weather this time of year in the comments section!

    Dr. Casey Rehrer is the best dentist in West Jordan , with an amazing staff and beautiful location. New to the Platinum Dental team, Dr. Rehrer is already known in the office for his great sense of humor and excellent repetoire of experience in the industry. He studied dentistry here in Utah, so he knows a thing or two about the beautiful weather we enjoy here in the fall. Take advantage of getting to know one of the newest members of our team and a former college football athlete by calling 801- 282-5112.

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  • Can a “Raw” Diet Hurt My Teeth?

    Eating “raw” is a popular diet trend designed to help people to lose weight, increase their nutrient intake, and avoid any processed or animal biproducts. The popularity of raw eating has come from the many people who report feeling more energy and losing weight as a result of eating “clean”. However, before you consider a raw diet, you may want to consider the consequences raw diets could have on your teeth.

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    1.) Raw diets are often high in sugar. Although raw diets exclude the typical sugary treats (sweet cereals, candy, soda, etc.), they can be high in sugar. This is because they include a lot of fresh and dried fruit, and when a majority of your calories come from sugar it can make the fight against tooth decay an uphill battle. Our advice? If you are going to eat “raw”, make sure that more of your calories come from nuts and veggies than from dates, raisins, grains, and fruit.

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    2.) Raw diets are high in some nutrients, but limit others. Natural foods are high in nutrients, but people on raw diets miss out on the vitamins and minerals you get from dairy products and meat products. Many raw foodists lack the protein and calcium necessary to maintain healthy functions within their body at a normal rate. This can pose a problem for your teeth, because your enamel and teeth need these vitamins to maintain their strength and density. If you are considering a raw diet, be sure to take a dietary supplement to avoid problems.

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    3.) Some raw diets are anti-fluoride. Because fluoride does not occur naturally in water, some raw food diets dictate a strict anti-fluoridated wated adherence as part of the diet. This poses a problem for your teeth, which may already be weakened from the loss of nutrients and influx of sugar and bacteria a raw food diet imposes, because fluoride strengthens your body’s ability to fight cavities. Taking away fluoride creates a perfect storm for cavities to form.

    For these and other reasons, you should talk to your doctor and dentist before jumping into a raw food diet head first. The concern is real when you consider this raw foodist’s experience –after two years of eating raw she had 39 cavities, despite implementing a rigorous dental hygiene routine.

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    Dr. Dickerson, the best dentist in Sandy, can advise you on how to make a raw food diet more enamel-friendly in your next appointment. He loves healthy eating, and is inspired by his patients’ commitment to doing what’s best for their body. A raw food diet can do a lot for your figure and well-being. However, a raw diet can also cost you a lot in dental work. So, give Dr. Dickerson, a dentist in Sandy, a call at 801-590-3266 to talk to him or his staff about your raw diet or any other dental concern.

  • Why We Love Electric Toothbrushes

    Top-of-the-line electric toothbrushes definitely come at no small price, especially when compared with their manual counterparts. At Platinum Dental Care, we think they are worth the investment, and here’s why:

    1.) Electric toothbrushes break up plaque more effectively . With a manual toothbrush, you can effectively break up plaque forming on the surface of your teeth and along the line of your gums, but it takes deliberate effort and correct technique. For most people, it’s a technique that is easy to learn but not always easy to remember or replicate without consious effort. Electric toothbrushes ensure that you make the correct motion necessary to eliminate the growth of bacteria without fail, every time.

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    2.) Patients who use electric toothbrushes often have less cavities than those who don’t. This is where we see the real value of investing in an electric toothbrush (even though a manual costs less than a sandwich). We love electric toothbrushes because our patients who use them every day have cleaner mouths and less cavities than those who don’t, almost without compare to those who use a manual toothbrush. It’s not a proven fact or true in every case (electric toothbrushes can not guarantee a perfect smile, especially if you don’t use them correctly) but we see the benefit of their use with a majority of those who own and use them.

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    3.) Electric Toothbrushes are cheaper than they used to be. You used to not be able to buy a high-end electric toothbrush for a reasonable price, but now you can get one for $100-200 with a years’ worth of toothbrush heads, and you can share the base with other members of your family, reducing the cost per person (everyone just needs their own toothbrush head, but can share one electric base).

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    There is no guarantee that if you buy an electric toothbrush you will never have another cavity, but electric toothbrushes make it easier to avoid dental problems for most people.

    At Platinum Dental Care, our staff advise patients on proper brushing technique for manual and electric toothbrushes. We also have coupons for different electric toothbrush brands if you are interested, although we don’t know which is best. If you have questions about your toothbrush or how to use if correctly, just ask one of our staff at your next dental appointment.

    You’ll have to ask Dr. Blackhurst, a dentist in Sugarhouse, if he uses a manual or electric toothbrush. He definitely brushes like a professional, though! For an appointment with him and his staff, the best dental office in Utah, call 801-466-1212.

  • Keeping Teeth Healthy During the School Year

    Once school starts, your kids get into a routine that often helps promote lifelong oral hygiene. They get into brushing their teeth every morning and night, and the sugary popsicles and sodas of summer are less common. However, many children begin forming cavities in the fall because of things they eat during the day that don’t get scrubbed off until night time. Here are some ways you, as a parent, can combat these sources of decay:

    1.) Pack a waterbottle for your child. Maybe you can’t control the amount of candy their teacher might give them during the day, but you can send your child with a defense against the formation of plaque. Sticky treats and even crunchy ones like pretzels and dry cereals can get into the crevices of your child’s teeth and create the perfect environment for the formation of plaque and decay. However, drinking water throughout the day will flush out the acids and often times the sticky particles stuck in the teeth. Not to mention, most water is flouridated and flouride naturally fights the formation of cavities. So, pack a water bottle and make sure your child drinks it throughout the day.

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    2.) Give them crunchy veggies to snack on. Packing the wrong kind of crunchy foods won’t help your child avoid cavities, but crunchy snacks like carrots, celery, apples, and jicama act as natural toothbrushes to clean the surfaces of your child’s teeth. Eating these kinds of snacks in the middle of the day really keeps a child’s teeth clean.

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    3.) Make sure your child is brushing adequately. One Platinum Dental Care patient with children told us that she uses popular songs to get her kids to brush for the full 2 minutes. This is a great way to promote effective brushing. A lot of kids who develop cavities are brushing their teeth, but they are not doing it well enough or long enough to adequately clean their teeth. If your child doesn’t get the cereal out of their teeth before walking out the door or doesn’t clean off a day’s worth of buildup before going to bed, their risk for cavities becomes so high you might as well schedule the appointment for their fillings now.

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    These are just a few ideas for promoting strong habits and avoiding the expense of tooth decay. If you have any questions about helping your child brush and floss, please schedule an appointment at any Platinum Dental Care facility in Utah. Our phone number is 801.806.4704.

    Dr. Scherschligt, a dentist in Highland Park, may be the best family dentist in Utah. He loves seeing his patients with their families, especially this time of year when so much is going on! Youth sports are starting, which is Dr. Scherschligt’s favorite thing to ask his patients about. Nothing beats a peewee football or soccer game in the fall! To schedule an appointment with Highland’s best family dentist, just call (801) 484-1032.

  • Delicious, Easy, Healthy School Lunch Ideas

    Packing school lunches can get monotonous after the first couple weeks of school. Plus, easy foods to pack are not always good on teeth (especially when your child eats mid-day and probably won’t brush until after school or dinner). Here are some fun, easy ideas that won’t promote tooth decay during the day.

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    Greek Lunch

    • Vegetable Side: Veggies like celery sticks, red pepper slices, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, and black olives are great to pack as part of this lunch because the crunch of the veggies acts as a natural toothbrush on the surface of the teeth.
    • Main Dish: Pita and Hummus make this a nutritional meal with the necessary protein and carbs to help your child make it through the day.
      • Add Feta cheese cubes or crumbles on the side for an added greek flavor and boost of the vitamins and protein found in dairy products.
    • Dessert : Grapes make for a delicious dessert to complete this delicious, low-in-sugar, high-in-nutrients lunch.

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    Mexican Lunch

    • Vegetable Side: Jicama slices make this meal nutritious and good for your child’s teeth with their crunchy texture and low sugar content.
    • Main Dish: Quesadilla slices (add grilled chicken for added protein). We love this lunch because anytime you pair carbs and protein in a child’s lunch it helps the meal stick with them longer.
    • Dessert: Pinapple slices (fresh if possible to avoid the added sugar of canned pinapple syrup).

    Italian Lunch

    • Vegetable Side: Pickles, sliced red pepper and/or cucumber slices make a great side to this lunch, depending on your child’s taste.
    • Main Dish: Slices of salami or pepperoni make a yummy protein which can be paired with crackers for a balanced meal.
    • Dessert: Crunchy apple slices are an easy and teeth-friendly treat to pair with this meditteranean lunch.

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    One of the best ways to make preparing healthy school lunches easy is just having a plan! Hopefully these easy, nutritious ideas help you and your kids avoid tooth decay this school year and broaden their palets with yummy, international flavors.

    Dr. Durrant is a dentist in Sugarhouse Utah . He loves this time of year–cooler temperatures bring changing colors and warm sweaters. Planning school lunches and picture day outfits is just another fun part of the fall. If you or your children need dental appointments in Sugarhouse Utah, give Dr. Durrant a call at 801-466-1212.

  • Getting the Most Out of the Last Days of Summer

    Kids are getting ready to go back to school, outside temperatures are slowly dropping, and soon the waterparks will be closing for the season. Summer 2016 has come and gone too quickly! But here are some ways you can make the most of your final days of summer:

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    1.) Plan a family bonfire : A fun way to celebrate the end of summer without unpacking all of your camping gear is to build a fire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows together. Nothing says summer like s’mores and an outdoor fire, and what better way to celebrate the end of a great summer break with your kids than a family outing up the canyon to tell ghost stories, talk about their favorite memories this summer, and take advantage of one of the last days of staying up late before sinking back into their school routine.

    2.) Go on a long bike ride: Once school starts, schedules get busier. Take advantage of one of the last days of summer to plan a long bike ride with your kids. Depending on the ages of your children, this may mean different things, but plan a ride that reaches a destination with stops, snacks, and lunch along the way. For example, the Provo River Trail in Provo is a great trail for a family day ride because there are plenty of bathroom stops and shady lunch spots along the way. Long bike rides are a great way to celebrate summer because it gets your kids out of the house, takes advantage of the warm weather, and it’s something that you may not be able to plan for another year once school starts.

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    3.) Build an indoor sheet fort: Maybe it’s the end of summer but it may still be pretty hot outside. If you’re done with outdoor activities for the summer, a fun way to celebrate the end of the season is to build a big fort as a family, pop some popcorn, bring in some flashlights and pillows, and read books together or watch movies. It’s also a great way to bring everyone together and talk about what to expect for the new school year, what your kids are excited or nervous about, and maybe even share your memories of entering the same grade that they are preparing for.

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    At Platinum Dental Care, summer is our favorite time of year because it’s when we see more of our school-aged patients. So many of our patients tell us about the fun summer camps, vacations, and day trips they have done this summer that we are convinced Utah must be the best place to be a kid. With all the fun activities of Summer 2016, it’ll be hard to go back to school! Hopefully these ideas will provide a good way for your kids to wrap up summer in a fun and memorable way, getting them ready for the schoolyear ahead.

    Dr. Casey Rehrer, a dentist in Mapleton, loves the summertime. Although kids are going back to school soon, the warm weather should continue for a little while longer. If your kids need a quick dental appointment before they go back to school, don’t hesitate to call (801) 396-2944 to schedule. As the best dentist in Mapleton, and maybe the best dentist in Utah, Dr. Rehrer guarantees 100% satisfaction on your visit or your canine back.

  • What About the “Flossing is a Waste of Time” Rumors?

    According to a several recent news articles sparked by a change in the dietary guidelines published by the Department of Agriculture and Health and Human Services that failed to include flossing, apparently no studies have ever been done to confirm or disprove the benefits of flossing.

    Well. what does this mean for you? Is flossing really not necessary from now on? Here’s our take on it:

    1.) Flossing reduces the number of bacteria in your mouth by removing it from the crevices in your teeth. Are there any studies to prove that the more bacteria in your mouth, the more cavities you will have? Absolutely. And although no official study has been done on flossing, any dentist could testify of the visible difference they see between patients who do floss and patients who don’t.

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    2.) No studies have ever been done on flossing, but do we really need them? Whether or not flossing makes a difference to your oral health is a topic that has never been studied. But do we really need to invest the resources into performing this study just to prove what we kind of already know? Putting money into cancer research seems like a better investment. However, if people really need a study done on flossing in order to believe that it will benefit them in the long run, perhaps the aftermath of this recent change in public policy will provide sufficient evidence.

    In the end, we hope that people will take the adivce of their dentist when making decisions on their oral health. If, in the end, flossing proves to provide no benefit, the investment in time and money that we put into flossing is relatively small. However, we at Platinum Dental Care stand by previous advice to say that flossing does make a difference, and is important part of your oral routine.

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    Dr. Fergusen is a periodontist in Utah . He practices at muptiple Platinum Dental Locations throughout Utah, and we value his expertise on gum health and oral surgery. If you have gingivitis, find that your gums are sore or puffy, or would like to schedule an appointment with a periodontsti in Utah, give Dr. Ferguson a call at 801.806.4645.

  • How to Get Your Kids to Love the Olympic Games

    The Summer Olympics only come once every 4 years, which is why it’s easy to justify watching a little more TV than usual to catch your favorite sports. However, for kids, the Olympics can be hard to understand and less than entertaining (especially when they’ve never seen the sport before.) This is why we have 3 simple steps towards making the Olympics fun and educational for kids, which will also make it easier for you to enjoy the next few weeks of games as a family.

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    1.) Use the games to teach geography. Pull out a map and show your kids the countries where the competing teams originate. Maybe print out a map and let your kids color in the countries they have seen play.

    2.) Plan your own Olympic-themed family games. Shotput a water ballloon, throw a javelin-shaped stick, race your bikes through the neighborhood, stage a long jump… hosting your own Olympic games at home will get your kids off the couch and make the games that much more interesting.

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    3.) Teach your kids about sportsmanship. The Olympics represent a long tradition of excellence in both athleticism and respect for the opponent. Even when exceptions arise (just see Yulia Efimova’s doping case for a clear example from this year), both good sports and bad sports are excellent teaching opportunities for your children about what’s accceptable and what’s not when they are participating in sports themselves.

    At Platinum Dental Care, we hope this year’s Olympic games in Rio are both entertaining and educational for you and your family. They are an excellent opportunity to celebrate unity as a human race and learn about people around the world. Take advantage of the amazing learning opportunity the Games are for your children and they will be Olympic fans for life. Who knows, maybe you will even spark some Olympic dreams!

    Dr. Hepworth , the best dentist in Lehi, has kids of his own that are learning to love the Olympics. Luckily, his favorite sports are swimming and beach volleyball, which are easy to explain to little ones. If you and your children are enjoying the games and overdue for an appointment, get on the schedule today by calling 801-331-8545.