Teeth Tips for Summer Swimming

Did you know that swimming can affect your teeth? Every summer, we see patients with three common dental conditions that happen as a result of summertime swimming. Know the risks and how to avoid them and your family will be just fine.

1. Swimmer’s Calculus : Did you know that swimming frequently can cause yellow-brown or dark brown stains on the teeth? This type of stain appears on the teeth as a result of pool water treatment chemicals coming in contact with teeth. If you or your child spends more than 6 hours a week in chemically treated water, you may see swimmer’s calculus appear on your teeth. The good news is that your dentist can remove the stains as they are cosmetic in nature, and cause no lasting damage. However, you may want to schedule an extra dentist if the kids do a lot of swimming.

2. “Tooth Squeeze”: If you experience any pain in the center of the tooth this summer, it may come as a result of scuba diving. This happens to many divers because the changes in air pressure, combined with divers biting too hard on the regulators, can result in jaw pain, gum issues or tooth pain. If you recognize any of these issues, schedule an appointment with your dentist.

3. Pool safety : One of the most common dental emergencies happens more frequently over the summer—knocked out teeth. Running or rough-housing in wet areas often results in slipping or tripping which can knock out teeth. Read the article, “ Common Dental Emergency: Knocked-Out Tooth ” for more information on what to do if a tooth gets knocked out.

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