Great Desserts for Pioneer Day 2016

We love celebrating Pioneer day every July 24 th with food and fireworks. However, the traditional pulled taffy, cobbler, and parade candy of Pioneer day can be really hard on your teeth, which is why we want to offer some fun ideas for desserts that are easier on them!

  • Shaved Ice Flavored by Fresh Fruit: If you throw ice and an entire orange (peel included!), and a teaspoon of vanilla into the blender, you will get the most delicious, low-sugar summer treat to share with your friends and family on a hot Utah summer day. We love it because of the fiber, low sugar, and amazing flavor. Plus, shaved ice is really easy on your teeth!
  • Fresh Fruit on a Skewer : Summer is a great time for yummy fruit, straight from the farm. If you are at a fruit stand, make sure you take advantage while you can! Strawberries are loaded with vitamin C that helps to keep gums strong. Blueberries are full of polyphenols that help fight gum disease. Watermelon is lower in sugar and high in water content, which makes them easy on your teeth . Fruit kabobs are a Pioneer day must.
  • Stuffed Strawberries : We like this dessert because it combines the nutritional benefits of strawberries with those of dairy products (calcium, Vitamin D). Scoop out the top of your strawberries to create a small well, cut off the bottom tip so they sit upright, and fill them with whipped cream, cheesecake filling or goat cheese. Whip your own cream to really feel like a Pioneer.

This summer, take it easy on your teeth and avoid the foods that hurt them. These three dessert ideas will make it easier for you to avoid cavities while enjoying the fresh fruit of summer. Have a safe Pioneer day and summer 2016!

Dr. Ryan, a dentist in Murray , is a big fan of summer food—from delicious grilling to fresh fruit, summer meals can’t be beat! And surprisingly healthy! This summer, schedule an appointment at the most convenient time for you and your family. With kids out of school, it’s even easier to get them into the schedule. Give Dr. Ryan, a dentist in Murray, a call at 801-293-1234. Some call him the best dentist in Utah, you will have to find out for yourself. He’s probably the best dentist in Murray, though (just ask his patients).

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