Avoiding Decay this Pioneer Day

We love Pioneer day in Utah—we celebrate our heritage here like no one else! While the barbecues, parades, fireworks, and family fun are trademarks of this holiday, we hope to ensure that your teeth make it through the holiday unscathed. Here are 4 tips for enjoying Pioneer day without ruining your smile.

1. Drink plenty of water . Keeping your mouth moist is one of the easiest and most effective ways to chase out bacteria and acid build up on the teeth. When your mouth is dry, not only will you experience cracked skin and bad breath, but the bacteria in your mouth will also grow more quickly. Read the article, “ 3 Reasons Drinking Water Saves Your Teeth.”

2. Carry a toothpick, flosser, or carton of dental floss . Avoid the discomfort of having bits of corn, parade candy, and barbecue in your teeth all day by keeping a toothpick or floss with you. Your smile will look better, too.

3. Know your tooth-friendly foods. Go easy on the hard candy and sweets, and make sure you fill up on chicken (that strengthens your teeth), grilled veggies, and summer salads.

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Whatever you do on Pioneer day, don’t miss the annual fireworks show in Mapleton, Utah . Keeping your teeth in good shape will make them more enjoyable, too.

Dr. Robinson, a great dentist in Mapleton , is looking forward to Pioneer Day 2016. He and his staff are committed to celebrating Pioneer day the Mapleton way! Bring your family in for a visit and let his staff know how the city did on the fireworks show by calling (801) 396-2944.

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