5 Tips for Kicking Sugar Cravings for Good

Diets high in sugar carry with them enough bad consequences to make you want to cut it out completely (weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, etc.), but one more reason you may want to kick the sugar habit is the benefit to your oral health. People who stick to sugarless diets experience less cavities, gum disease, and enamel erosion than those who don’t.

Dropping sugar is easier said than done, though! When you eat sugar, dopamine is released into the reward center of your brain, making it highly addictive. Here are some ideas, however, to rid your diet of sugar for good.

1. Balance your Blood Sugar . Spikes and troughs in blood sugar levels lead to intense sugar cravings. Combat this by eating small, nutritious meals throughout the day (like every three to four hours.) Meals and snacks should be protein-rich for long-lasting satisfaction and even blood sugar levels.

2. Avoid Hidden Sugars . Foods you think are sugar-free may be quite the opposite. Read food labels to check for sugar content and just to be sure.

3. Go cold turkey . A sugar addiction is no different than any other, and many times a clean break may be the best method for kicking the habit for good. Stopping consumption of all types of sugar will give your brain a chance to reset and help you lose your sugar cravings completely.

4. Clear the kitchen of sugar . If you think that keeping sugar in the house is “helping you develop self-control”, be careful! Those sugary snacks may sabotage your progress in times of desperation. Clear the house by throwing away all the sugary drinks, snacks, and desserts lurking in your pantry.

5. Conquer your cravings . Develop a game plan for when sugar cravings arise. A lot of people use diversion techniques like going on a walk or drinking a glass of water instead. Your cravings will pass, and if they become unmanageable, eat a piece of fruit. Remember that sugar cravings often come when you are dehydrated.

Dr. Chavez , a dentist in Provo , loves seeing patients take the future of their health into their own hands, and cutting sugar out of your diet is a great place to start. Share your stories of kicking the sugar habit on the Platinum Dental Care Provo Facebook page.

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