Why You Don’t Save Money By Not Filling a Cavity

Maybe you’ve been there—you came in to a dental appointment for a routine cleaning only to find that you have a couple of cavities that need fillings. Although the dentist recommends you fill it immediately, ultimately the decision is up to you. Here are the reasons you aren’t saving yourself any money if you don’t fill that cavity ASAP:

1. Teeth, unlike the rest of your body, cannot heal themselves. The antibodies that fight infection when your body is hurt do not take effect in the dentin and enamel that make up your teeth. Once tooth decay begins, the only way to stop it is to drill it out and fill the resultant empty, vulnerable space in the tooth.

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2. Tooth decay just keeps going, getting deeper and deeper. Without filling it, your cavity will only grow. And because tools at home can’t thwart it, there is no stopping it. If you don’t get it filled as a cavity, you will eventually need a root canal. Root Canals are more expensive, painful, and time consuming than fillings, but they do get the job done!

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3. Your tooth may eventually die. If you do not get a filling or root canal in time, the tooth may eventually die. This happens when the decay eats deep enough into the tooth that it destroys the living connection your tooth has to the nerve endings in your gums. This is an extremely painful process, and has been compared to breaking a femur or childbirth. The remedy for a dead tooth is also a root canal, although your dentist may recommend other restorative options like an implant or partial denture.

Although not all dental insurances cover fillings, even if you pay out of pocket you will be saving yourself money in the long run. If only our teeth could fight cavities the way the rest of our body fights infection! Until then, we will have to fight them on our own with our toothbrush, floss, and regular check-ups.

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