Summer 2016 is the Best Time To Get Braces

Getting braces can really change your schedule and your life! For this reason, if you are thinking about getting braces for your child, we recommend summertime as the best time for adjusting to braces.

  1. Better for Hygiene. Braces take more work to keep clean, and it takes time to learn how to floss and brush effectively when you have them. Summer is the best time to get used to braces because kids have the time to learn what they need to learn about brushing and flossing their new equipment.
  2. Better for Scheduling. Your kids are freer in the summer to go to a daytime appointment. The first couple visits come more “rapid fire” than the rest, so it will make scheduling easier for the beginning of treatment if your child is not missing school and other activities for every appointment.
  3. Better for Adjusting. Aside from the routine of appointments and regular care that your child will need to adopt, braces also hurt at first! Some kids stay home from school when they first get braces because their gums and cheeks hurt. The pain dissipates as they get used to the wires and tightening they feel, but it’s nice to be able to take a day off to eat apple sauce and pudding without missing class.

Braces will change your child’s life in the best ways! They do take some adjusting, however, which is why we recommend summer 2016 as the best time to get braces.

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