How to Talk to Anyone

Platinum Dental Care patients often leave our offices realizing their smile has become too brilliant not to share. Becoming smile-aholics, their newly brightened smiles seem to led increased self confidence, credibility, and self-efficacy over-night. For this reason, we thought we would share some tips for leveraging your smile to your best advantage. In the book How to Talk To Anyone by Leil Lownders, the author gives excellent tips for winning hearts and influencing those around you with your smile.

1.) Don’t smile “too fast”. Some say that people who flash the pearly whites too easily lose credibility. Instead, show you are really digesting the information around you by pausing before letting the whites off the leash. Watch, listen, look into your counterpart’s eyes and smile a second and a half later than you normally would, showing you really digested the information before reacting, and it genuinely made you happy.

2.) Smile gradually. As important as it is to react with a smile more gradually than normal, your smile should open to full brilliance more gradually than normal as well. Look into the eyes of the person with whom you are conversing, give them your full attention, and while you are listening let a smile begin to gradually “flood” your face. At first you are mildly amused, then happy, then ecstatic.

3.) Let it be natural. Do not use the “flooding smile” on everyone in every conversation. Rather, when you would usually react with a quick flash of a smile, let your smile gradually fill your face as you listen and react to the conversation. The flood smile is not intended to take the place of words or natural, normal reactions, but rather they are meant to replace the quick smile as a more personalized approach to reacting to your audience.

4.) Why avoid the “quick smile”. Although people who smile easily and smile often are known as jovial and lighthearted, if you are trying to gain credibility in a professional setting then the quick smile is not the place or time. However, smiles are important, which is why the gradual smile will pack a more powerful punch than the quick, one-size-fits-all smile.

Because of our obsession with smiles, we thought we would pass these little tidbit on to you. So, how do you gain the ability to talk to anyone by leveraging your smile? Don’t smile “too fast”, smile gradually, let your smile be natural, and avoid the quick smile.

We love these tip for gaining the trust and confidence of other people using what we consider you greatest asset. However, if you believe that the current state of your smile is holding you back from using this technique or using your smile at all, please call Platinum Dental Care today to schedule your next appointment. Our team of board- certified cosmetic dentists love to build the self-esteem and confidence of our patients by building their smile in effective and affordable ways.

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