Best and Worst Crunchy Foods for your Teeth

You may have heard that some crunchy foods work as natural toothbrushes for your teeth—scrubbing away plaque, acids, and germs as you chew. However, other crunchy foods can be destructive to your enamel and gums. So, how do you know which foods to avoid and which to keep around? Here’s a list to keep in mind the next time you crave a crunch.

Bad Crunchy:

The two worst crunchy foods for your teeth can really be summarized in two categories: Snacks and Hard Candies. What makes snack foods so bad? Chips, crackers and pretzels can leave particles that get lodged in your teeth and gums. Because they are carbohydrates, they convert to sugar and then acids that break down the enamel of your teeth and cause cavities.

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What’s the problem with hard candies? For one, they typically stay in your mouth longer, giving the sugar extra time to wreak havoc on enamel. Because they are sticky, they often cause more decay than other sweet treats. If these reasons weren’t enough, hard candies can also chip your teeth, which can be an expensive fix. For these reasons, hard candies rank dead last as the worst food for your teeth.

Good Crunchy:

You guessed it, fruits and vegetables are the best crunchy foods for your teeth. Not only is it a workout for your mouth to chew crunchy fruits like pears and carrots, but they also work as a natural toothbrush, breaking up plaque and buildup on your teeth. Vegetables stimulate saliva flow (a natural defense against cavities and gum disease) and contain essential vitamins and minerals for building strong teeth.

At Platinum Dental Care, we know that nothing can be more satisfying than that favorite crunchy snack. However, snack responsibly and your teeth will thank you! We see patients every day with cracks and decay from chewing the wrong crunchy snack. Our staff of passionate cosmetic and general dentists can help get your teeth back into shape. Give us a call at 801.806.4645 to schedule your next appointment with a great dentist in Sandy, Murray, Mapleton, Sugarhouse, Riverton, Provo, Layton, Salt Lake City, West Jordan, Lehi… just search for “a dentist near me.”

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