4 Ways Not Flossing Becomes Obvious

Perhaps you think you are being sneaky by not flossing or just lazy, but if you don’t floss it’s pretty easy for the dentist to detect. Here are 5 signs you are not flossing:

1.) Bleeding Gums . Ok, you saw this one coming. Every time the dentist flosses your teeth when you don’t floss, he makes them bleed and then blames it on you for not flossing! He is right, however. If you don’t floss, your gums will be tender and puffy because of the periodontal disease that forms easily when bacteria in your mouth are left to wreak havoc.

2.) Cavities that “spread” between two teeth. If you have a cavity that has formed on either side of the gab between your teeth, that is the product of poor flossing habits. When you don’t floss, you leave corrosive acids and plaque between your teeth, which affects the enamel on either side of the gap and creates TWO cavities instead of one.

3.) Discoloration in the gaps between your teeth. If the front of your teeth look great but the edges look yellow or brown, it’s easy to see where you are missing.

4.) Swollen or sensitive gums. If you see someone whose gums look like they are pushing out over the surface of their teeth, they probably aren’t flossing. Swollen gums are a sign that the bacteria that build up and make plaque are absorbing and infecting your gums. Read the article Bleeding Gums to learn more.

If you don’t like flossing, we recommend you try dental flossers. They eliminate the painful finger-wrapping of regular dental floss and make reaching the more difficult areas of the mouth easier.

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