10 Cheap Summer Activities for Families in Utah

Platinum Dental Care serves a lot of families, which is why we glean a lot of information on what’s fun to do around Utah (especially on a budget). Here are some of the best ideas we have gotten from patients and staff alike while visiting a dentist in Utah:

  • Floating paper boats down the Provo River. Our dentist in Provo , Dr. Chavez , has his office located right on the Provo River Trail. The river is fairly slow moving, but families should be cautious nontheless when planning an outing here. However, the parks and scenery along the trail are stunning. And, with the walking bridges provided, you and your family can fold up paper boats and float them down the river without getting too close to the water’s edge if you don’t want to.
  • Goblin Valley State Park. There’s a lot of fun state and national parks in Utah but Goblin Valley is one of the lesser-known and is perfect for a saturday day trip. Kids love the funny shaped rocks and parents love the unusal views– and inexpensive and memorable activity for the whole family.
  • Volunteer together . There are so many places to volunteer as a family, and one of the best ways to involve your children is by taking them to food pantries or senior assisted living centers where children aren’t just welcome–they brighten up the scenery! Dr. Scherschligt, can recommend a lot of assisted living homes near his office if you and your family are interested. Additionally, we always love help from our patients in spreading the word on our annual Free Dental Day for those with special needs and their families.
  • Go Fishing. Adults require a fishing lisence, but if you don’t have one, kids can fish for free. Utah lake is one of our favorite fishing destinations, but with bodies of water large and small throughout Utah, you can find one nearest your home.
  • Free Concerts. Visit http://www.coupons4utah.com/free-concerts-in-salt-lake-city-areas/ for a list of free concerts throughout Utah. Monday nights are often a great time to find a free concert for a family night.
  • Stroll through a College Campus. With University of Utah, Utah Valley University, Brigham Young University, Dixie State, Utah State, and other college campuses throughout Utah, take your family through the grounds and facilities for a fun outing that costs you nothing! Libraries are especially fun for kids as the childrens’ section rarely gets used on college campuses.
  • Fly Kites. Especially near the Point of the Mountain, we have lots of windy days in Utah. Perfect for kite flying! Dr. Dickerson, a dentist in Sandy , recommends the fields near his office for excellent kite flying.
  • Historic Temple Square . Temple square is a great place to make family memories inexpensively as there are statues, scenic landscape, and free tours throughout. Dr. Durrant, a dentist in Sugarhouse , recommends the Lion House as a fun lunch spot for a day trip to Temple Square.
  • Watch Planes Land and Take Of at the Salt Lake Airport. You may not want to get to close to protect your ears, but a great way to spend the afternoon is to watch planes land and take off in the fields near the SLC airport.
  • Go Geocaching. With smartphones, it is easier than ever to go geocaching with your family. Pick a prize you are going to track down (and bring something small to replace it) and go. This is a great way to get excercise and explore Utah.

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