Why Should I Sleep? (and How Sleep Affects your Teeth!)

In a lot of ways, the brillance of your smile reflects the degree to which you take care of yourself! Does your sleep affect your oral health? Absolutely, and here are 3 reasons why:

1.) Your gums are more susceptible to periodontal disease when you don’t sleep. This is because s leeping allows your immune system to revamp and maintain it’s strength. For a strong and healthy immune system, your body needs sleep. Multiple studies show that those who are sleep deprived get sick more easily. Periodontal disease, tooth decay, and other oral diseases will thrive with no defense from your body.

2.) Sleeping gives tissues in your mouth the ability to repair and grow. The tissues in your mouth that make up your gums, tongue, teeth, and lips need the opportunity to repair as you sleep. When you don’t sleep enough, your oral health will decline as a result, your tissues having no opportunity to repair themselves.

3.) Sleeping improves your emotional health (which helps your teeth!). Chronically sleep deprived people suffer from higher levels of anxiety and depression-related disorders. Depression, anxiety, and stress hurt your teeth by causing bruxism, increasing your risk for gum disease, and decreasing natural immunities.

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