Why Are Tattooed Teeth (Tattooths) So Popular?

Tattooths have really exploded in popularity in the past year, and with good reason! Tattooed teeth are removable, unique, and provide a solution to a serious dental problem in a fun way. Not convinced? Read more.

Tooth Tattoos are Not Permanent

Tattooths are removable and interchangeable. Tattooths are more permanent than a stain on the enamel, but less permanent than an actual tattoo. This is because your dentist can remove the tattoo from the surface of your tooth at any time without damaging the tooth. So, if you no longer want a tattooth or want a different image, you can remove or change your tooth tattoo at your next dental appointment. They are permanent enough that they won’t come off on their own, but permanent enough that they need the help of a doctor to remove or replace them

Tattooths can be Placed Inconspicuously

Most people with tattooed teeth do not put them on their front teeth. You can put a tattooth on any tooth that needs or has a crown, which is why most patients opt to put their tattooths on the inside surface of a tooth or a tooth that appears on one side of their smile for a more subtle statement. However, the appearance of your tattooth is up to you.

Tattooths are Unique

As popular as tattoo teeth are, they are not common place. Tattooths are conversation starters, a fun way to express yourself unique to you. Aside from the fact that tattooths are fun, the dental technicians that produce your tattooth have unlimited potential to create whatever you request. The most commonly requested tattooths are sports team logos, cartoon characters, initials, and phrases. Bring in a picture of what you want when you come in and our technicians can fulfill your order, whatever color, pattern, or detail required.

Tattooths Solve Dental Problems

A tattooth is nothing more than a fancy dental crown. If you need a crown, a tattooth is a fun way to take care of the problem. Why get a plain white crown? If you need a crown, have some fun with it by requesting an initial, logo, or any other image applied to one of the surfaces. If you want to remove or replace the tattooth, just ask your dentist to remove it at your next appointment.

At Platinum Dental Care, we love tattooths. They are fun, removable, and unique. If you are interested in getting a tooth tattoo in Utah, call 801.806.4645. Be sure to bring an image with you, your dentist will use it to request your tattooed tooth from the dental laboratory .

Dr. Chavez is a dentist in Provo . If he had a crown, he would get a tattooth. Until then, he is ready and willing to order your tattooed tooth at your next cleaning. Tattooths in Provo are growing in popularity, so call and make your appointment with a dentist near me by calling 801.426.6255

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