Tooth Pain? 8 Possible Sources

Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something is not right. Whatever stimuli is causing your tooth to throb, the pain source may be more or less serious depending on what it is. We lsited the top 10 reasons you may be experiencing tooth pain, and what to do.

1. Dental Caries (Cavity). When the oral bacteria in your mouth feed on sugars and create erosive acids in your mouth, it can be bad news for your teeth. Acids eat through the enamel of your tooth and destroy the dentin within. If your teeth is hurting because the decay has reached the nerve of your tooth, call a dentist in Utah pronto.

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2. Enamel Erosion. The protective shell of your tooth known as the enamel can be eaten away by acids from your food or from vomiting. This may cause pain, and needs to be addressed by a dentist to help reverse it before it becomes a cavity. Until your appointment, keep your teeth brushed and clean of acids and bacteria.

3. Gum Recession. When your gums recede (often because of overly-vigorous brushing) the exposed root of your tooth can cause you pain. This is irreversible except by oral surgery to replace the lost gums. Moral of the story? Take care of your gums!

4. Recent Dental Work. As the pulp and temporary inflation heals, your mouth will return to normal. For the first few hours or sometimes day, you may experience discomfort that will eventually disappear completely.

5. Loose, Old, or Lost Filling. When a filling gets loose, if can irritate the tooth and gums around it. If you believe your filling is lost or loose, call a Platinum Dental location near you and schedule an appointment. If the bacteria that originally caused the decay are allowed to enter the crevices of your teeth again, you may be looking at a more expensive and painful fix.

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6. Chip, Crack or Fracture. If you grind your teeth (a condition called bruxism) you can cause unecessary pressure, fractures, chipping, and cracking on your teeth. This wear and tear can affect nerve endings in the mouth. However, if you suffer from bruxism, a dentist near me can help by fitting you with a professional night guard.

7. Periodontal Disease. The build-up of plaque on your teeth can lead to inflammation and pain in your gums. If you suffer from periodontal disease, talk to a dentist in Utah as soon as possible to reverse the problem before it’s too late.

8. Abscess . An abscess is a puss-filled sac of infection. Abscesses will often become apparent to you as they affect the nerve endings in the mouth and alert you to the problem. Although you may not be able to see the abscess with the untrained eye, your dentist in Utah will be able to reverse the problem at the nearest possible opportunity.

Pain is your body’s way of alerting you to problems in the mouth. Don’t let your mouth pain go ignored. Call 801 806 4645 to schedule an appointment with a dentist near me.

Dr. Hepworth is a dentist in Lehi . He loves helping patients turn their oral pain into a beautiful smile. His patients call him the best dentist in Utah, but you don’t have to take their word for it. If you are experiencing pain in your mouth, do not hesitate to give Platinum Dental Care, with a dentist in Utah, a call. With 11 locations throughout Utah, our staff are more than willing and capable to perfect your smile, inside and out.

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