Dental Exams for LDS Mission Application

As you or your child prepare to serve an LDS mission, one of the requirements for filling out an application is to get a dental exam. Here’s what to expect in yours.

An exam before receiving your LDS mission call helps assure that you have no dental problems that need fixing and could potentially cause problems while you serve. The dentist is looking for signs of periodontal disease, examining the state of your wisdom teeth, finding and filling cavities, and examining potential problem-causers.

There’s not a lot of difference between a normal exam and cleaning and an LDS Mission dental exam, except for a greater emphasis on rooting out and taking care of any issues or potential issues. This is why most mission applicants get their wisdom teeth out too before they send in their mission papers.

Wisdom Teeth: Do They Have To Come Out Before Your Mission?

Most dentists will recommend taking your wisdom teeth out before you leave, regardless of how developed they are. This is because almost everyone has to get them out eventually, and most people who experience pain from their wisdom teeth will feel it as they reach adulthood. If you leave them in, the likelihood for your wisdom teeth to cause pain and push on your other teeth while you are gone for two years is great. So, to answer the above question, follow the advice of your dentist. He may or may not recommend removing your wisdom teeth but even if he doesn’t, it may be a good idea to have them removed anyway to avoid the risk and prevent problems later on, even after your mission.

What to Bring

If you are coming in for a dental exam as part of your LDS mission application or mission papers, bring in the sheet of the application where our staff can sign off on the different requirements. We know what to expect, but bringing yout paper in with you will make the paperwork that much easier when you get home, and help you avoid having to come back for an additional signature.

If you are applying to serve a full-time LDS mission and need a dental exam, do not hesitate to call Platinum Dental Care. With locations throughout Utah, we know what we are doing and what the church requires for the mission application dental exam. You can even ask our dentists about their own missions. And be sure to let us know when your call comes in where you are going!

Dr. Chavez, a dentist in Provo, loves seeing his patients prepare to leave on missions. As a pediatric dentist in Utah, he sees many of his patients grow up and recieve their calls. If you or a child is preparing to serve a mission and needs a mission dental exam in Utah, call 801.253.8866 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chavez or any Platinum Dental Care dentist.

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