Tooth Fairy Tools

The American Dental Association along with the help of the Tooth Fairy have provided some online tools for the next time you or someone in your household loses a tooth.

Every year, children around the world lose millions of teeth. Even if you go to the best dentist in Utah, the chances of your getting visited soon after losing a tooth depend very much on many other factors, including how many other teeth were lost that day, how easy it is to find the lost tooth, and whether or not the tooth fairy can verify that the tooth was, in fact, yours. However, the Tooth Fairy has made it easier for you (and her) to pick up your tooth on time with no complications. With these printable tools, you can ensure a swift and generous visit from the Tooth Fairy.

Be sure to check out the Tooth Fairy doors (fun to decorate and easy for fairy-use), Official Lost Tooth Certificate (to eliminate any reasonable doubt), and the Tooth Map (to help figure out which tooth you lost). One dentist in Murray has his young patients be sure to fill out the Official Lost Tooth Certificate to validate the lost tooth before putting it on your pillow. Not a bad idea!

Follow this link to access the American Dental Association Tooth Fairy tools.

The author lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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