How Fad Diets Hurt Your Teeth

Fad diets may help in weight loss, but they can take a serious toll on your teeth. A “Fad Diet” can be classified as any eating pattern designed to significantly reduce calories with the promise of quick and easy weight loss.

When trying to lose weight, if you want to protect those pearly whites be sure to maintain a normal intake of essential nutrients. If your diet is restricting the foods that contain necessary food for good oral health, it may cause some serious (and expensive) side effects.

Poor Nutrient Quality
Restricting calorie intake also restricts nutrient intake. For example, a vegan or vegan-based diet prohibits the consumption of meat and meat products. Meat, cheese, and milk contain high amounts of calcium, Vitamin B12 and other vital nutrients. Without these vitamins and minerals, you will see a decline in the health of your tooth, gum and bone health.

If you plan on sticking to a vegan or similar diet, find alternative source of calcium, B12, and other vitamins/minerals. Dr. Chavez , a dentist in Provo, often counsels his dieting patients to seek out dietary supplements.

Too Many Acids
If you are planning on pursuing a juice based “cleanse” diet, be aware that juicing diets lead to an excessively high amount of acid consumption. These acids erode the delicate shell of the tooth (the enamel) from your teeth’s surface. Vulnerable, softened teeth will decay. If you rinse your mouth with water thoroughly immediately after drinking juice, this will help prevent damage to your teeth. Be especially careful with citrus fruit juices.

Too Much of a Good Thing
Carbs can lead to tooth decay, which is why low-carb diets may seem to be good for you. However, people on a low carb diet often experience dry mouth (to learn more about why that is a problem click here ), bad breath and bleeding gums.

A better approach to eliminating certain foods altogether is eating in moderation. This will allow your body to receive the nutrients it needs without contributing to oral health issues. Always brush twice a day, flossing and rinsing your mouth regularly to prevent negative effects on your teeth to come from your diet.

For best results, avoid diets that negatively affect your oral health. In case of any dental problem, schedule an appointment with Platinum Dental Care , a dentist near me, or call us at 801-806-4704.

The author is a dentist in Provo.

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