For Teeth’s Sake: 25 Dangerous Destinations for your Teeth

So, maybe visiting a location won’t actually hurt your teeth. However, these cities have names of things that could really cause some enamel damage.

1.) Hot Coffee, Mississippi: Mississippi: In addition to the staining influence this city can have on you and your teeth, it can also leave your breath very stinky.

2.) Sugarhouse, Utah: Also known as Cavity Central, if you are looking for a dentist, Sugarhouse is actually a great place to look

3.) Cookietown, Oklahoma: Very popular but also very dangerous for your teeth if you visit too often and forget a toothbrush.

4.) Pie Town, New Mexico: Lots of sugar and dye here… you are asking for stains and tooth decay if you visit this place too often without a regular cleaning in between.

5.) Ding Dong, Texas: Not even good for you, even worse for your teeth. Many consider this destination highly addictive.

6.) Popcorn, Indiana: You could break a bracket on the kernels in this town! Only recommended for patients without braces.

7.) Tea, South Dakota: Again, too many stops in this town may leave you with stains on the enamel.

8.) Toast, North Carolina: If you don’t brush after a visit to this place, you might as well be in Sugarhouse.

9.) Turkey, Texas: Actually this place is fine on your teeth, a great destination in the fall and winter.

10.) Walnut Creek, California: Don’t even think about getting your teeth around it.

11.) Burnt Corn, Alabama: Make sure you floss after a stop in this town.

12.) Chicken, Alaska: Lots of protein, just be sure to watch out for the sugar-rich breading on the fried side of town.

13.) Coconut Creek, Florida: A great destination for coconut oil pulling.

14.) Cream, Wisconsin: The calcium here might yield dental benefits, but you may experience non-dental related consequences if visits become frequent.

15.) Potato Creek, South Dakota: The carbohydrates you could accumulate here could be risky on the enamel, be sure to brush on your way out of town.

16.) Cocoa Beach, Florida: No actual chocolate here, so rest assured if you plan on stopping in for a night here.

17.) Rabbit Hash, Kentucky: Fine on your teeth as long as you look out for bones during your visit here!

18.) Gnaw Bone, Indiana: Be careful not to chip anything, Gnaw Bone can be as bad as bruxism if you stay too long.

19.) Pea Patch Island, Delaware: Pea patch is fine, but be sure to bring a toothbrush along if you decide to detour through sister-city Peach Patch.

20,) Two Egg, Florida: Lots of protein, good for the enamel, great place to visit.

21.) Citrus Heights, California: For an extended stay be sure to avoid letting the acid sit on your teeth too long; the acid in citrus fruits eat away at the enamel.

22.) Vinegar Bend, Alabama: Very bad on the enamel. Rinse your mouth out with water thoroughly after a visit here.

23.) Chugwater, Wyoming: Absolute must-visit. Especially when fluoridated.

24.) Sugar Land, Texas: The best dentist in Utah would never recommend a visit here unless you bring along a toothbrush and floss.

25.) Tortilla Flat, Arizona: Watch out for the after-visit floaties that can stick around on the upper gums and cause a buildup of plaque.

If you vist any of these health-defying locations, you take the health of your teeth into your own hands. Even the best dentist in Utah will tell you, “If you are going to visit Sugarhouse, be sure to remember your toothbrush and floss.”

The author lives in Layton.

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