10 Reasons You May Have Cavities

Maybe you’ve never had a cavity, maybe you’ve had a lot, and maybe you just had your first one filled and are shocked to know you have another. You ask yourself, “My habits haven’t changed, why is this happening?” Here are the top ten reasons you are getting cavities.

(And if you have cavities right now…)Leaving cavities untreated virtually invites the decay to spread to other teeth, so get them filled immediately.

Now, examine yourself and changes in your life in the past year and see if these possible causes are creating a problem for your teeth, because here are some of the most likely causes of cavities suddenly occurring:

  1. Stress

Stress can lead to a lot of things that negatively affect your teeth: a diminished immune system, forgotten or disrupted habits such as brushing or flossing, and an increase in the consumption of comfort foods that often contain sugar.

  1. Brushing Too Much

Brushing too often can be just as bad as not brushing at all as brushing too much can destroy the enamel and make your teeth vulnerable to decay.

  1. Not Brushing/Flossing Correctly

If you miss spots when you brush or don’t floss, you are likely leaving food behind that will lead to a build up in plaque and eventually tooth decay. Here are some guidelines to follow when brushing.

  1. Exercising More

Exercising causes a dry mouth which can lead to decay because saliva helps keep your teeth clean.

  1. Cold or Flu

Medication can lead to dry mouth, reducing saliva, and making cavities more likely to form. Dr. Ryan, a dentist in Murray, often counsels his patients battling the cold or flu to take greater effort to drink 8 glasses of water while sick to prevent dental complications on top of the cold or flu.

  1. Receding Gums

When the roots are exposed, they are especially vulnerable to decay because roots have no protective enamel to thwart plaque and acid buildup.

  1. Chemotherapy

The drugs used in chemotherapy cause dry mouth in many patients, resulting in tooth decay and cavities over time.

  1. More Acidic Foods

Eating more acidic foods or juices (especially citrus juices) make breaking through the enamel more easy. Dieting and especially juice cleanses can cause a problem if you don’t regularly rinse with water.

9. Increased Sugar Intake

The bacteria in your mouth devour sugars and produce the acids that damage teeth by producing plaque.

10. Braces

Braces make brushing and flossing more complicated, and sometimes patients don’t adapt their habbits to best serve their teeth. If you don’t reach all the crevices of the teeth, decay will begin to form.

Your natural teeth will always be superior to any replacement, so do what it takes to get a healthy mouth. Visiting your dentist on a regular basis prevents many dental issues. Schedule an appointment with Platinum Dental Care , a dentist near me, and prevent tooth decay.

The author is a dentist in Mapleton.

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