Tooth Tattoos

Tooth enthusiast Tim Miller told his local news station, “I’ve thought about tattoos in the past, but let’s face it, everyone has one so it’s no longer cool or unique. But this one is.” You can get a tattoo anywhere–your forearm, neck, back, ankle, chest, and even your face. But the new trend is tattooed teeth. Tooth tattoos are not new, but they are growing in popularity with many people wanting to ink their teeth.

History of Tooth Tattoos

The Suburban Dental Laboratory created the first tooth tattoo about 20 years ago when a patient wanted a corvette on his tooth. Fulfilling his order with the first ever “tattooth” the laboratory has accepted all types of tattoo requests, with their most popular being shamrocks, sports team logos, and text.

As of 2016, nearly every commercial dental lab across the country provides this service, and lab technicians are willing to push the envelope in order to fulfill any conceivable tattoo request. The average cost of getting a tooth tattoo is around $200, with elaborate designs and multiple colors costing a little extra.

Who Can Get a Tooth Tattoo?

To get a tooth tattoo, you first need new dental crown. As dental crowns are typically only used as caps to cover damaged teeth, not everyone can get a tattooed tooth. Dental crowns help restore your smile by completely hiding the tooth underneath. Tattooed crowns provide all the normal benefits of a regular crown, giving the look and feel of an actual tooth with extra artwork. Tattooths are great solutions if you are hoping to…

  • Straighten teeth
  • Protect sensitive teeth
  • Replace fillings
  • Repair a chipped tooth
  • Make teeth look better

Tooth tattoos are restricted to individuals who are getting a dental crown because the process could not be recreated on a natural tooth. The curing process alone requires heating the tooth in a 212-degree oven.

What’s the Process for Ordering a Tooth Tattoo?

The process begins with patient need and understanding. After taking an initial impression of the tooth in need of a crown, your dentist will need a printed or digital image of the desired tattoo to send in with the impression. Like choosing any other tattoo, you may choose from an assortment of tattoos from basic to elaborate designs. In addition to choosing the tattoo, you must identify the desired location of the tooth tattoo. Many people choose to get their tooth tattoos on one of their teeth along the jawline with the second most popular location being the inside of the teeth near the tongue.

With the tattoo request and impression taken, both are sent to a dental lab by your dentist. The crown should take 2 weeks to complete. Installing the tattooth requires no additional precautions or adjusted procedures than placing a normal crown (and is a lot less painful than getting a skin tattoo!)

The Removal Process

Tattooths do not wear off as a result of eating or drinking, but they may be removed. The tattoo may be removed in a matter of minutes upon request in the dental office. Your dentist will simply buff off the tattoo with a dental brush, removing the tattoo completely while leaving the dental crown in place.

If you are a trendsetter in need of a dental crown, ask your dentist about tooth tattoos. With just a few additional steps, the lab technicians can provide personalized crowns at a fraction of the cost of a normal tattoo (with no removal pain!)

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