How to Prepare a Child for First Dental Cleaning

At Platinum Dental Care, we offer free dental exams for children under 2. Most insurances cover 100% of the cost for 2 cleanings a year for children and adults, so make sure you take advantage of your current plan. No matter how old your child is, helping them feel comfortable in a dental office can never start too early. The purpose of these exams at every age is to maintain your children’s health, build healthy dental habits, and prevent future dental problems.

1.) Teach your chiildren to brush their teeth twice a day (and follow up to verify they actually do it!)--once in the morning and once before bed. If you can help your child brush after lunch as well, even better. Children only need an amount of toothpaste the size of a grain of rice, but it is important that you begin brushing baby teeth and adult teeth as soon as they erupt.

2.) Make sure that your child is flossing once a day to maintain healthy gums. You can begin flossing for your child as soon as their teeth start to touch. Remember to be gentle and, if necessary, buy child-sized flossers.

3.) Be positive. The way you talk about the dentist can shape a child's expectations for a dental visit throughout their life.One way to build confidence in dentistry is through word choice--- instead of saying “shots,” “scraper” or “drill,” talk about the “special tools” the dentist will use to clean your teeth really well. Tell your child about positive experiences with the dentist.

4.) Listen to your child. Don't make them embarrassed of being vervous or scared about the dentist. Validate their concerns and let them know those feelings are normal.

If you are concerned about how your child will react to their first dental exam and cleaning, feel free to bring them into the office sometime before their appointment to check out the office and meet their dentist and hygienist beforehand. Here’s to all children maintaining happy, healthy smiles!