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Why an Implant Might Be the Best Choice for You

There's a lot of buzz about dental implants these days, especially because tooth loss in the U.S. continues to plague millions of Americans despite various advancements in dental technology. If ...
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What to Do If Your Tooth Hurts

Many times we see patients who come in saying things like, "My tooth started hurting a few months ago and so I started brushing more," or,"When my tooth started hurting I just started ...
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Como Mantener Una Sonrisa Perfecta

Ofrecemos blanqueadora dental en cada oficina de Platinum Dental Care, pero si usted quiere proteger a su sonrisa blanca de las manchas, aqui hay tres pasos por los que usted puede evitar los dientes ...
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How to Prevent Tartar Build Up

Tartar, also called calculus, forms when plaque is left on the teeth long enough to harden. Similar to barnacles that form on a docked boat, tartar cannot be simply brushed away--it must be scraped ...
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