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A Big "Welcome" to Our Newest Office!

At Platinum Dental Care, we take pride in the quality of our care because we want our patients to receive the best dental care for themselves and their families. This is why we invite the best offices ...
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Why Do I Need 6 Month Cleanings?

Cleanings and check-ups every 6 months are very important to your oral health. The reason you search for a "dentist near me" every 6 months may be a mystery to you, but your smile ...
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Keeping Dental Care Simple

Many of our patients and their families struggle to stay on top of their own dental care and even that of their children. Whatever the reason, we try to make dental care as simple as possible for our ...
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What is Water Flossing?

Many of our patients at Platinum Dental Care use traditional floss and flossers. However, many have been asking about motorized water flossers. Here are the basics on water flossing: 1.) Water ...
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Top Dentistry Clinics in Lehi, UT 2015
Platinum Dental Care has been recognized as a top Lehi Dentistry practice in 2015. Congratulations to the entire team!
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